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I believe humans are resilient and have the capacity to thrive after challenging circumstances. I’ve learned when we obtain support – Change, Growth, Healing, and Transformation is Possible!
Personally, I know what it’s like to be stuck. My journey has been full of twist and turns. It’s lead me to some pretty dark places I didn’t know how I was going to overcome.
Navigating darkness took time and involved picking up lots of lessons. It guided me to meet some amazing healers, counselors, mentors, yoga teachers, and spiritual advisors.
Reflecting back I am able to see the light in my personal suffering. These experiences have connected me even more to the human experience of suffering and healing.
I appreciate learning: Self discovery takes time. Allow for mistakes. Re-dos and time outs are part of the process. 
I truly believe in the power of healing, transforming wounds, and creating our desired life.
I am dedicated to creating hope, healing, and practices that lead to a more meaningful & fulfilling life, through the process of collaboration, empowerment, and curiosity.
I'm a Colorado native but just recent ignited my passion for the mountains. I spend much as much time as possible outside. Hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and yoga are just some of my favorite ways to spend to time. My dog gets all the attention when we go hiking, he has the heart of a mountain dog with the body of a pug. I love connecting and staying in touch with my community. I stay involved volunteering and participating in a variety of groups between Golden and Denver. 

 I began my work in the field of behavioral health in 2003. I wanted to make a difference and provide healing support.
I’ve worked with many diverse populations including inpatient and outpatient settings, residential, forensics, adolescent & family therapy, and homeless healthcare.

During my time working in homeless healthcare services I developed a speciality for Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT), which is treating mental health and addiction concurrently. I appreciate whole person treatment and incorporate this integrated approach in my private practice.
Wellness has started to catch on recently in society. I truly believe in the value of living a wellness based life. One of the primary wellness practices that I teach regularly to my clients is – Mindfulness.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Addiction Counselor 
Masters of Arts Counseling Regis University
Bachelor of Arts Psychology Fort Lewis College
Registered Yoga Teacher-200 hour-Yoga Alliance
National Personal Training Institute of Colorado 
Certified Personal Trainer: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Authenticity – I show up authentically for every client I see. I recognize that this is a difficult process for most and work to create a space that each person in my office feels seen and heard.
Credibility – I practice what I teach. Skills that I teach my clients and/or students, I also do myself. My journey in this profession has taught me that I’m a better clinician because I teach, and I’m a better teacher because I’m a clinician.
Competency – I am always learning and expanding as a person and counselor. When we learn we feel more confident in are abilities. Healing– I believe we all have our wounds, we all need some healing …some days we need more healing than other days.  
Enthusiasm – I’m genuinely excited to meet you and to be part of your journey. With out a doubt this is where I want to be! 

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