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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 312 North Avenue E, SUITE C8, Cranford, New Jersey, 07016
  • Phone: 908-956-7979
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  • Session Fees: I do not participate in any insurance plans and do not accept insurance as a form of payment. I will provide you with a receipt which has all of the information your insurance company will require for you to submit for out-of-network reimbursement.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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*Accepting New Clients* Imagine waking up feeling excited and energized about the day or week ahead. What if there was a way for you or a loved one to feel great? Together, we can collaborate to determine which powerful strategies can help you accomplish your goals. Life can be challenging, and working with a professional can be incredibly helpful when you or a loved one feel alone or overwhelmed. There’s nothing more that I enjoy than assisting people overcome life’s obstacles and watching them thrive.

Whether you have an adolescent who is struggling academically or socially or if you are seeking help with relationships, depression or anxiety, I am here to provide support and guidance. Feel free to watch the video below and continue reading to learn more about my individualized and collaborative approach.

Therapeutic Approach

I view clients as experts on themselves. Clients and I work collaboratively to identify the focus and scope of treatment. I then utilize evidence-based practices to work toward achieving client goals. Testing is used throughout the therapeutic process to assess needs as well as progress. I also ask that client's rate the therapeutic sessions to hold me accountable and ensure that all aspects of treatment are meeting their therapeutic needs, expectations and goals.

Services Provided

Adult Psychotherapy
Anxiety Depression
Self-Esteem Difficulties
Grief and Bereavement
Habits and Procrastination
Parenting Assistance
Relationship Difficulties

Adolescent and Young Adult Psychotherapy
Self-Esteem Difficulties
Grief and Bereavement
Habits and Procrastination
Organizational Difficulties
Behavioral Difficulties
Social Skill Difficulties
School Difficulties
Relationship Difficulties


The Good Life Center for Mental Health is offering telehealth (also known as telemental health, teletherapy, telepsychology, online therapy, and virtual therapy), a secure and easy way to receive mental health services. Therapy is delivered remotely over the internet using a secure video platform so that clients can meet with us on their schedule from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Our practice currently provides telehealth in the following states:

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia

Hybrid Telehealth - Mendham, NJ Service Area

The Good Life Center for Mental Health is now offering therapeutic services through a hybrid telehealth option in the Mendham, New Jersey area. Treatment is primarily delivered through telehealth sessions and clients can elect to meet with their therapist for additional in-person meetings in the community to experientially practice the skills learned during telehealth sessions. The in-person hybrid add-on option can enhance clients’ therapeutic experiences by enabling their therapist to provide support and feedback while practicing skills and confronting challenges in everyday real-life situations. This option also affords clients the opportunity to engage in some in-person contact with their therapist, while benefiting from the flexibility of telehealth.

The hybrid option can be particularly useful in the treatment of a number of presenting problems. For anxiety difficulties, in-person therapist community meetings provide a stage for exposure in the treatment of social anxiety, performance anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In these instances, the client faces situations that they find intimidating or trigger their anxiety responses. With the support of their therapist, the client can test their ability to accept rejection, manage negative self-talk, confront fears and put catastrophic expectations to rest. 

The hybrid option can also be useful in the treatment of depression and self-esteem difficulties. For these types of challenges, meeting with a therapist in a community setting can be beneficial in helping unmotivated clients benefit from engaging in positive and rewarding activities. In these instances, the therapist can be an invaluable resource for increasing involvement in pleasurable activities that are consistent with the clients’ purpose and meaning in their life.
In-person meetings with a therapist in the community may also be useful for those clients who wish to enhance social skill development. In these instances, the therapist can model and provide step-by-step feedback during real-life encounters to enhance skill acquisition and implementation.

The telehealth hybrid option in this service area is available in Mendham, Morristown, Chester, Randolph, Dover, Brookside, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Succasunna, Peapack, Mine Hill, New Vernon, Ledgewood and Morris Plains. 


Our office is located in Cranford, NJ.  Our office was created recognizing the importance of ease, comfort and innovation in service delivery. There is off-street parking and the facility is handicap accessible. The office was designed to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere complete with a range of healthy refreshments, WIFI and a technology charging station.


I utilize a user-friendly online portal for existing clients to schedule appointments, communicate with their therapist via secure messaging and clients can receive appointment reminders by email, phone and text. I use secure video platforms for telehealth when clients cannot make it into the office.

My Background 

I am a clinical psychologist and licensed to practice in New York (016741) and New Jersey (35SI00449700) and authorized to practice telepsychology by the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) by the PSYPACT Commission (10118). I am credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. I earned my MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University and completed his undergraduate degree summa cum laude at New York University. I am the former Director of the Center for Psychological Services, overseeing 10 doctoral training clinics, at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. Also, I was Co-Director of the New Jersey Coordination Center for Child Abuse and Neglect Forensic Evaluation and Treatment. Prior to that, I served as Supervising Psychologist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, where I developed a model for treating trauma.

I have extensive experience in developing, conducting, supervising, and researching evidence-based psychotherapeutic programs for children, adolescents and adults. I have given over 50 professional presentations and workshops, published numerous theoretical and empirical manuscripts and I am the coauthor of a book entitled “Game-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse: An Innovative Approach.” I served on the Practice Guidelines Committee of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and was an editorial board member for the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse and reviewer for Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy. I have expertise in the assessment and treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood problems, behavioral difficulties, and interpersonal problems. I am Level 3 certified in TEAM Therapy and has received specialized training in mindfulness and trauma-informed treatments. Through my individualized and collaborative approach to working with clients, I continue my dedication and service to providing and disseminating evidence-based therapeutic interventions. 

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