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Cranberry Township Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a leading outpatient addiction treatment center serving adults age 18 and older in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Our addiction treatment center provides comprehensive care through medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines counseling with the use of prescription medications. Our team of counselors, physicians, nurses, and other behavioral health professionals works together to help clients feel welcomed and supported.
The admissions process is simple and streamlined, and our focus is on quickly and efficiently connecting each client with the services they need to stop using opioids and begin the recovery process. Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation and the formation of an individualized treatment plan based on a client’s substance use history, medical records, mental health records, and physician advice. Clients are matched to a counselor and participate in individual and group therapy sessions. Individual sessions offer a client privacy and personal attention. Clients are encouraged to openly share about any factors that may have contributed to their substance use, including co-occurring mental health conditions, unresolved trauma, and challenging social and emotional factors. Counselors offer support and feedback about the steps a client can take to successfully maintain long-term recovery.
Our group sessions are designed to facilitate peer understanding and support. Clients practice effective communication skills, learn to identify and express emotions, engage in conflict and resolution, and receive education on the dynamics of addiction. Treatment center clients experience the benefits of supportive and understanding peers and learn that building a community in recovery is a valuable relapse prevention tool. Our therapies are a highly effective way of addressing the underlying causes of addiction. Sessions provide clients with the tools necessary to maintain a substance-free lifestyle. However, many individuals who are pursuing addiction treatment need additional support with the extreme cravings that can accompany opioid addiction. This is how medication-assisted treatment can make the difference in recovery outcomes.
MAT is an evidence-based approach for effectively combating opioid addiction. The MAT program at Cranberry Township CTC uses methadone to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings. When physical and psychological symptoms are relieved, clients are empowered to focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing needed to support their commitment to long-term recovery. The premier comprehensive care program available at Cranberry Township CTC is designed to support the whole person in the process of healing from addiction. MAT provides support for the most challenging aspects of opioid addiction so that clients are free to focus on the therapeutic work that can help them heal and create a lifestyle rooted in wellness and freedom from addiction.

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