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The mental health concerns that drive people to seek inpatient care can be overwhelming, and the treatment they receive is often no match for the problem. In fact, nearly half of all patients who have a severe mental illness stop treatment within 18 months. Crestwyn Behavioral Health is different. Crestwyn Behavioral Health is the preferred acute inpatient psychiatric hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Our mission is to provide hope and help those who are suffering from mental illnesses regain control and lead productive lives. All staff members at Crestwyn Behavioral Health have undergone specialized training to treat patients who have mental illnesses. Our team members — which include nurses, doctors, social workers, counselors, and therapists — have the essential training to provide a comprehensive continuum of care for our patients. They can also work effectively alongside family members, which is incredibly helpful in providing the best care possible for a patient. Our team of highly skilled professionals is here 24/7 to treat our patients in a safe environment that promotes healing, recovery, and wellness through evidence-based practices emphasizing medication management and individualized treatment plans.
Crestwyn Behavioral Health provides an integrated service that collaborates with patients’ primary care physicians. Treatment at this inpatient psychiatric hospital is structured and considers each individual’s needs and history. Programming can include group counseling sessions, peer support meetings, specialized treatment plans, medication management, and more. The ultimate goal of any medical facility is patient safety. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, we go above and beyond to ensure your safety while you are in our care. Our location is designed to accommodate patients who may become agitated or violent without placing themselves or others at risk for injury. We are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards and medical staff who are prepared for emergency situations that may arise during treatment. By staying at the hospital for 24 hours a day, patients receive constant access to doctors and nurses. This allows staff to adjust medications quickly and monitor patient vitals on a regular basis. The environment at an inpatient psychiatric hospital can be therapeutic in itself. Patients live with others who have similar conditions, which helps them realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Your long-term recovery is very important to us.
At our inpatient psychiatric hospital, we have created a safe environment where patients can feel comfortable opening up about their experiences. They don’t have to worry about stigma or discrimination because everyone understands what they’re going through. Inpatient psychiatric hospitals allow patients to ask questions and find support through group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and family therapy services. Patients who attend these sessions can learn how to manage their symptoms more effectively. An inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital can offer relief for those who are suffering from a variety of mental health disorders. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, we put the patient first, providing compassionate care.

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