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ADHD Therapy for Adults

If you’re like most ADHD adults, you’ve tried everything. 
  • You’ve tried timers, checklists, reminders and planners.
  • You’ve tried meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • You’ve tried exercise, new diets, no-caffeine… all of it.

What will be different about ADHD therapy?

It’s the “F” word… feelings.
I  am a “feelings-friendly” therapist; which is a good thing!
Seriously… let me explain.

Our emotions drive our actions.   
When we are clear on our emotional experience, on our present moment experience of something, our reactions make so much more sense…


   Remember all those times you looked back on behavior and said, “Oh, I was actually feeling a certain way, but I didn’t really connect that my reaction was kind of out of proportion.” 

Feelings are big sometimes.
With my ADHD clients,
they tell me that these big emotions are the most troublesome aspect about their brains…
Their brains have really strong emotional responses.
This is one of those things we usually love about our ADHD brains.
When our emotions are awesome… they’re freaking awesome!
It’s difficult for us when those big emotions are maybe too big to handle.
We end up feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just shut down and avoid everything…
Not. Fun.

Feelings are meant to be observed and felt, safely.

If you are unable to experience your feelings safely,
looking for a therapist is an excellent start.


Feelings are not always friends but they’re not always the enemy either.
Feelings just are.
They actually provide us with a lot of information.

 In therapy with me, we’ll learn how to understand and relate to those feelings. We'll learn what our bodies and brains are trying to communicate, so we can stay on a course in line with our values.  In therapy, you’ll learn how to relate and be with your feelings in a way that won’t leave you beat up and off track. 

Our relationship with our feelings gets all mixed up, all the time.
Are you avoiding doing something important because you don’t want the feelings that go along with it?
Are you experiencing an increase in stress, worry or other consequences because of that avoidance?
This is where I come in. 

I’m The Therapist That:  

  • My clients describe as caring, approachable and straight forward
  • Helps you leave session with a clearer vision of how you want to show up in your life
  • Won’t shove mindfulness and journaling at you
  • Will share articles, book recommendations and youtube videos as they relate to you
  • Will accept you for who and how you are

What Can Be Expected From Therapy?

In the 6 years I’ve been practicing therapy, I’ve never once met someone in therapy who wasn’t courageous, daring and ready for something to change. While not everyone sticks with therapy, those qualities had shown up. Applaud yourself for the willingness to change, the courage to seek out more for your life.  As we know, not everyone does. Therapy isn’t a miracle cure; it’s progressive steps of self and other acceptance, progressive understanding of actions, beliefs and feelings, and progressive healing from those life events that left a mark. 

Anxiety and ADHD Treatment


Trying a million things to manage your anxiety?
Maybe it wasn’t a million, but it was enough that when you found yourself anxious again, you felt pretty lost and maybe even a little hopeless.
I know it can be tough being “high functioning” while struggling with anxiety and/or panic attacks.
It’s as if people don’t think it’s that big of a deal if you still have a job, income, place to live, transportation… etc.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidenced based treatment approach that teaches psychological flexibility.
For example, when anxiety has its tight hold on you and it feels like you have no other option, we’ll learn how to build in wiggle room so that choice returns to your life.
ACT is an approach that requires additional training and consultation outside of graduate school.
I’ve attended the boot camps, the online courses and have done tons of reading and consultation.
What I’ve found to be the most significant teacher in learning ACT, is a personal connection to the strategies.
To put it more simply, I practice ACT in my own life.
As a personal belief, I wouldn’t encourage something that I don’t practice, and that’s something I love about this approach.
The therapeutic relationship is a collaboration to help you take the actions that are most important to you.
So if you are looking for a more robotic, distant, and impersonal therapist, I hope you find them
because I will use metaphors, stories, humor and even memes to help you relate to your emotional experience in a healthy, constructive way and to take action in your valued direction.
CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an ADHD treatment has been proven effective over and over again. So why don’t I emphasize my CBT training? ACT is considered 3rd wave CBT. We’re in the future! (that was a little joke, we’ve always been in the future)
ACT is the result of, what I see as, a natural evolution of a therapy approach.
I’m also an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider. My expertise in this area along with my extensive knowledge and experience with ACT is a great fit for anyone looking for help with these challenges.
Give me a call, or drop me an email, or send a request through my website at
I can't wait to chat with you and help you live a life you're really proud of! 
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