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You're probably wondering: "What should I be looking for in a therapist?"  That is a great question...
Approaches to Therapy in a Nutshell:
It can be really challenging finding the right therapist. But here is some basic information which may help your search: Like professionals in other fields, you will find a wide range of therapists and counselors with different orientations, approaches, and areas of expertise.
Some therapists focus on providing their clientele with hands-on, concrete tools, to help them move forward in life. These therapists usually have a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) orientation, and are brief-solution focused therapists. If you feel like you're "stuck" and could use assistance overcoming specific roadblocks or challenges, this is the type of therapy for you.
Other therapists focus on deepening awareness. These therapists are looking for trends, patterns, and underlying behaviors that have been guiding people's lives. This therapy involves honest exploration of current and previous interactions, in order to get to a clearer and broader understanding. Psycho-dynamic therapists who espouse this approach, tend to feel that searching for a quick fix is meaningless. It's like trying to cover a large bruise with a band-aid: It may seem to help for a little bit, but in the long run, more care is necessary in order to heal a deep wound. If you've experienced significant trauma in your life: this type of therapy is perfect for you.
All others therapists fall somewhere within this continuum. 
My Approach: 
I personally feel that many people can gain from aspects of both of these approaches to therapy. I often find myself trying to find the proper balance, enabling my clients to come away with concrete information to help themselves presently, and to feel that they have a more enriched understanding of who they are and what they're trying to accomplish in life. 
Marriage and Relationship Counseling:
I am very passionate about working with couples in marriage and relationship counseling. From my experience, many people are misinformed about what the ideal marriage is supposed to look like. As a result, when discord is experienced in the relationship, partners tend to feel depressed and frustrated because their needs are not being met and they have not actualized their fantasies of the perfect marriage. 
My goal is to get to these core beliefs and to give my clients hands-on, concrete tools that will enhance their marriage. Insight put into action is the recipe for a successful and gratifying marriage.
My Background: 
 I earned a Masters degree in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I work at Trillium Springs Counseling in Marietta and at JF&CS in Dunwoody. Prior to my currently held positions, I interned at the Maryland Counseling Network and served as a school counseling interns in private schools in Baltimore, MD and Atlanta, GA.  
One of my primary goals as a therapist is to assist others in gaining a greater self awareness. People have commented that they appreciate my gentle and compassionate approach, which fosters a close relationship and enables them to work through their challenges at their own pace.  
I strongly believes that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to therapy, and my therapeutic style is truly tailored to each individual. Blending humor and insight together, I enable clients to come away feeling refreshed and empowered.

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