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It is common for people to say therapy hasn’t helped much and in many cases has even made things worse. Understandably, this increases people’s fear and doubt about therapy being able to help them. I find that most therapy is ineffective and most therapist are poorly trained. Because of this, I have been deeply committed to becoming a much better therapist providing the most modern and effective therapeutic approaches. The people I work with regularly report more significant energy, relief, and sense of lightness. They also tend to share that the process was quick, effective, and enjoyable. Visit my website for more details

I have many specializations and treat most issues. PTSD and healing other forms of past pain are my main expertise. I am a Certified Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioner (RRT) and in many other modalities. I have extensive training in RRT and consider it the most effective treatment modality. I also love it because it is energizing, fun, and inspiring

As your therapist, I am committed to improving your life. I view it as my job and responsibility to accomplish this with you. I particularly enjoy helping people work through trauma and their past pains using RRT and EMDR. These treatments are not only effective, they are quick and much less painful than other therapeutic approaches.

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