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  • Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling
  • 31 Broadway St. East, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, S3N 0K4
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When people look for help from a counsellor, they’re often nervous or ashamed that they need assistance from someone else, when they believe the should be able to take care of themselves.  This belief often ignores the saying that “It takes a village…” We are relational beings, and are not meant to struggle alone.  There is never shame in asking for help.  One of my favourite quotes about counselling says that “counselling is not for crazy people in a normal world, it is for normal people whose world is going crazy.”  Everyone’s world goes crazy, and is that these periods of time that we need a fresh perspective or new tools to help find a new route through life.


Phone and Videoconferencing

            If you don't want to come to my office, for whatever reason, whether because the distance is too far, illness, or anything else that might get in the way of coming to my office, I offer counselling by phone or videoconferencing as well.  When doing videoconferencing, I only use video platforms that protect your confidentiality, and meet the government's privacy requirements.  Contact me, and we can discuss what approach to counselling will be best for you. 


Couples Therapy


When working with couples, I use the research of John Gottman, Gary Smalley, and Sue Johnson.  Depending on your learning style, and what you want to gain from couples counselling, I can tailor your treatment to meet your needs.  Emotionally Focused Therapy helps people to understand the emotional dance that they engage each other in, and how to move out of that dance.  Gottman Method Couples Therapy provides great, and easy to understand explanations of what makes relationships successful, or fall apart.  It also provides specific techniques that you can use to repair and deepen your relationships.  Gary Samlley's approach to couple's therapy provides a basic understanding of the structure of a healthy relationship, and builds each individual's ability to manage their own behaviours.  When both people in the relationship can effectively manage themselves, then the couple is in a good position to have meaningful heart to heart conversations.

            Family Therapy
             When working with families, I use Scott Sells' Family Systems Trauma approach.  This method of family counselling digs below the surface, to find out what is truly at the root of the problem.  So often we focus on the symptom, without getting to the root, and end up having limited success.  I find that collaborating with the family, and engaging whoever plays an important role in the family, helps us to move forward and make deeper, longer lasting change.


Education and Certification


I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from ACTS and am registered as a Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.  I am also Family Systems Trauma Certified Clinician with the Family Trauma Institute.  I have a private practice, Dyste Counselling Services.  

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