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For 40 years, Counselor David Essel, M.S., O.M. has been helping people face and heal from all of life's challenges, in a  safe, confidential and proactive practice.
David works with clients from all over the world  via phone or  skype, and also accepts clients in his Ft. Myers, Florida office.  
David can help you with:
 Grief Recovery, Permanent Alcohol/Addiction recovery from all addictions, Work Life Balance, Self esteem, Divorce prevention, Living apart together, Forgiveness, Sexual abuse, Rape, Incest, Anger management, Emotional affairs, Physical affairs, Emotional regulation, Relationship and family issues,  Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Procrastination, Self confidence, Co-dependency, Career challenges, Financial worries, Unique Marriage counseling, Sports performance, Mental toughness, Performance anxiety, Public speaking skills, How to release shame and guilt, Spiritual or Religious crisis or confusion, Sexual identity, Suicidal Ideation and much more. 
He teaches a powerful program on permanent  alcohol/addiction recovery. As someone who himself overcame a long standing addiction many years ago, David realizes that many of the tools the average addiction recovery organization might use today are based on programs created 80 years ago but never updated.
David uses a variety of amino acid supplements to help correct brain chemistry in regards to depression, anxiety and addiction.  
David uses a variety of counseling techniques including:
CBT, Emotional release, Core Family trauma release, Holistic addiction recovery principles, Emotional journaling for emotional freedom, Time management programs, In depth story writing to increase self confidence and self esteem. 
Cost: Begin with David's 30 minute discovery call, for only $97, to get an idea of how he can help you radically  change your life and life experiences.  
David's work as a counselor has been verified by organizations like Psychology Today and Marriage.com
The late Wayne Dyer said that "David Essel's Mission is to help  you become more alive in every area of life!" 
 Celebrity Jenny McCarthy says " David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement. "
David's listening skills, compassion and empathy will help you to feel safe and secure regardless of what issue you desire to heal from.  
He is also the author of 11 books, 5 which have become #1 bestsellers. His book "FOCUS! Slay your goals", was selected by Book Authority.org  as 1 of the top 100 books on goal setting ever written! 
David's own personal challenges over the years, helps him connect more deeply with each and every one of his clients, as he has "been there too."
Contact David today via text at 941.266.7676 or via his website http://www.davidessel.com  
A new world awaits you, let's begin the process with David 1 on 1 today.  

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