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Are you having trouble being happy?
Do you find yourself "going through the motions"?
Relationship troubles?
Are you having thoughts and behaviors that could only be described as "negative"?
 DAVID  H. JOHNSON, LCSW  is dedicated to assisting you  addressing such concerns and how to live life with more fulfillment.
    David began his journey as a professional clinical social worker by first going to counseling himself when life no longer made sense and he was at his own wits end.  He knew that his worst enemy was really himself and the more he tried with the tools he had, the worse things got. In such pain, as he so painfully understands, is when people do reach out for help. David decided to drive from Chicago to Milwaukee for about two and a half years to see his trainer and mentor,  Dick Olney whom was teaching what he termed Self Acceptance Training. David went because he only knew how to judge and criticize himself. Could he possible learn how to accept himself? Thankfully, he did and from there he went on to the University of Chicago and completed his MSW in Social work in 1991.
    Since that time David has completed various trainings and certifications that he has combined to form his holistic approach to psychotherapy. He is currently practicing in Evanston, Illinois at the Heartwood Center for Integrative Health.
      Couples/ Relationship Work
      Gestalt and Self Exploration
      Emotional Recovery Work 
      David is very gifted working with people individually, as couple or in a co-ed therapy group. His acceptance and positive approach to some of life's more troubling issues is profound. His goal is simply" help people feel better."
      In addition, David works regularly with clients with:
      - Grief/Loss
      - Boundary Issues
       - Abuse of all kinds
       - Low Self Esteem
    David believes in the intrinsic worth and value of all individuals He displays acceptance even as the client is completely unable to do that for himself/herself. In doing so, growth and change is a natural by product that soon becomes internalized. David sees the whole person which includes mind, body, spirit and emotions. He is very adept at discovering, with the client, where wounding has occurred and how to heal it. In the process of therapy, that occurs not only in session, but, outside of session as well; each person finds their way to wholeness, positive outlook and better functioning and most of all: Feeling Good!
     He is very patient as he recognizes the pain in life and its many challenges. Making positive and lasting change, while difficult, is possible. David draws on his own life experiences and excellent training to serve as a guide to each and every client. Those that stay a while, and do the work, find the peace and resolution that makes life worth living again and enjoy again.
   David practices in Evanston, Illinois and additional information can be found at: WWW. DAVIDHJOHNSONLCSW.COM


 Cost: Sliding Scale from $80 to $150. Many insurance plans accepted including BC/BS
 Certifications and Training: LCSW in Illinois, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy and Addictions

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