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Anger Therapist

Mary Lynn Meyers, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1167 Wilmette Avenue Suite 207, Wilmette, Illinois

Learning how to manage and reduce reactivity caused by anger is one of the most important and useful tools we can learn. I integrate mindfulness practice into my anger management therapy to assist clients to begin to interrupt the automatic reactions and explosions that get them into trouble. It is also very useful to explore what is under the anger, as anger is typically an automatic reaction that clouds over a mixture of many other powerful, yet hidden emotions (sadness, loss, grief, guilt, etc.).

Anger Therapist

Melissa Sanchez, LCPC, BC-DMT

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

1818 Dempster Street, Evanston, Illinois

Anger management plays a large role in many concerns that bring people to therapy. Anger often gets a bad rap in society and is misunderstood as a "bad" emotion. I work with people to understand that anger is a sign of feeling violated and/or sensing that something within our experience is not OK and difficult to accept. Once we can decipher what is truly happening, I work with people to practice recognizing the signs of worsening anger, the often co-occuring emotional states such as depression and fear, and practice management techniques that are helpful in the moment as well as to prevent increasing moments of anger, rage or irritation.

Anger Therapist

Richard Cohen, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

806 Ridge Terrace, Evanston, Illinois

Learning to have better control of your anger, even if it is only internal, can improve the way in which you deal with situations and with people. It will certainly enable you to respond differently and more effectively. There are many techniques that I can offer and there are resources that are available, such as workbooks, CD's to help with most any kind of issues, and learning control techniques. Some skills are best learned in an office setting.

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Evanston is located in Cook County, Illinois. It has a land area of 7.77 square miles and a water area of 0.02 square miles.  The population of Evanston is 64,821 people with 29,263 households and a median annual income of $70,041. .

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