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  • School Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker, Certified Gottman Therapist
  • 499 Chestnut Street Suite 107 Cedarhurst, NY 11516, Cedarhurst, New York, 11516
  • Phone: 516-241-1177
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  • Session Fees: All Couples Sessions are 90 Minutes - $260 Individual Sessions (60 Minutes) - $175/Hour
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Is your relationship in trouble? 

 In pursuit of being the best couples therapist, I have trained directly with John and Julie Gottman, Sue Johnson (EFT-Emotiuon Focused Therapy) and Dan Wile (Collaborative Couples Therapy). Using research and the science of relationships David can predict whether a couple would divorce with an average of over 90% accuracy 
David Mark, MS, LCSW, is committed to providing compassionate support to these and many more life issues.  

About David Mark

After earning my Masters of Science in Bilingual School Psychology (1998) and a Masters of Social Work, (2002) I began a career in early childhood education at a special education preschool, where I worked full time as a Bilingual School Psychologist for 6 years, helping couples navigate their child's special needs. I have been in my current position as a School Psychologist and Social Worker for the city of New York for the past 13 years, and am fortunate to teach AP Psychology for the past 13 years. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership.  


  • Couples Therapy
  • Affair Recovery
  • Addiciton/Recovery for Couples
  • Writer and Lecturer in Positive Psychology
In April of 2010, David began training with the Gottman Institute to provide couples with the highest level of service backed by science. 

Being a Certified Gottman Therapist  has been a wonderful journey as I have enjoyed directly training with John and Julie Gottman. 

 I am currently pursuing a certification in Emotion Focused Therapy and have trained directly with Sue Johnson. Using EFThas given couples that David works with a structured approach to couples therapy that was formulated in the 1980's and has developed alongside the science on adult attachment and bonding to expand our understanding about what is happening in couple relationships and to guide our work together.    Awards I have received numerous educational awards in the past four years for work that I have done in Positive Psychology.  
Nothing is more rewarding than working with a couple and helping a couple regain that friendship and connection and assisting couples in managing conflict.   After an in depth assessment, I will provide with couple with in depth feedback and a clear and concise treatment plan that will guide our work together.   
Our primary goal in working together is guiding you toward a more happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. From work, to marriage, to social relationships, and raising children, you will learn effective emotion coaching kills that you will be able to apply across all areas of your life. In working with couples or children/adolescence, together we will increase positive emotions, engagement, meaning, and relationships in your life.

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