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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 1771 Hightop Dr, Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania, 15502
  • Phone: 707-301-0252
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  • Session Fees: Fee is $165-$175
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

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Are you looking for answers to how to stop obsessive and worry thoughts?

Do you feel blocked from accessing your “higher” self or deeper wisdom?

Would you like to work with someone who can share with you tools and techniques to access your deeper wisdom and support you as you work through unintentional, self-imposed obstacles?

Are you a couple with differing priorities and miscommunication, wanting some direction and clarity?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an integrative mind-body-spirit/soul therapist who has been in practice for over 20 years.  I help individuals, couples and families access their "soul wisdom" to live from their deepest truth and heal from their disconnection with this. 
My specialty areas include: Post Traumatic Stress (stress issues that relate to past traumatic situations), Anxiety and Panic, Eating Disorders, Sexual Abuse,Pre-Marital and Couples Counseling,Depression, Chronic Illness and Pain, Sex Therapy, and Grief and Loss.
My gift as a therapist is that I am deeply in touch with my intuition, and can help you access your own.  Intuition relates to one’s “deeper knowing” or heart wisdom. I use and offer a combination of mindful awareness, accessing intuition, hypnotherapy, EMDR, guided imagery, communication skills, body-based therapies,and meditative approaches.  I also offer therapy groups. I own Soul Wisdom Therapy--a group practice of therapists and life coaches trained in using these and other techniques for healing, self-awareness and self-acceptance.
In working with me. you will learn to transcend your inner critic and listen to and heed your inner wisdom. You will develop confidence in your self and in your ways of expressing yourself and relating to others. I will also help you heal the stuck places inside of you so you can move forward in your life. 
 If you are coming as a couple, I will help you both to become clearer in your wants and needs and able to express them clearly and develop more effective, authentic communication.  I will also help you both develop the capacity for more intimacy with one another, if that is your goal.

I use many therapeutic techniques and practices in addition to talk therapy, including: mindfulness. hypnotherapy, EMDR, guided imagery, techniques for accessing intuition, body-awareness therapy, dreamwork, and art therapy.

 I offer the following groups:

Self-Discovery Group: for adults who want to access and explore their “shadow” or unconscious, hidden aspects of personality (such as addictive tendencies) and transform these in the service of our “deeper, true selves” (in Davis) I am interviewing candidates for group beginning in January 2016 so please contact me soon for more information if interested.

Awakening to Spirit Grouponce a month group (in Davis) for those adults who want to transcend their egos and deepen their sense of oneness with all that exists, in a community of like-minded and soul-connected folks (in Davis) Please look at website
I have two offices: in midtown Sacramento and downtown Davis. 

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