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Dear future client,
It's hard to make that first call. It's scary. I know. But you know too that life just isn't working right now. I often compare counseling to chemo therapy. I have done both and say with confidence that no one enters either therapy without some hope that a better, healthier life will be the outcome. So come on in. Let's talk in a safe, judgement free place at COR Counseling. Cor is the latin word for heart and your heart matters greatly in this relationally based practice.
I hold a Bachelor of Health Science, major in Occupational Therapy, from the University of Florida. I hold a Master of Arts from Colorado Christian University where I studied under Dr. Dan Allendar and Dr. Larry Crabb. My professional counseling experience has been predominantly within the Christian community. COR Counseling is my independent private practice. My life experiences of several decades, and the lessons learned, also informs my counseling. I consult and counsel with two mission organizations and their staffs. I have led workshops and retreats on topics related to living well and loving well.
My primary area of interest and specialization is in relationships...with our self, others and God. I believe our nature is to experience community with others in life giving relationships. COR Counseling offers you a chance to experience this first hand and perhaps for the first time. My primary belief is that behavior is the fruit, not the root, and thus lasting change must come from the inside out. But our hearts can be a mystery, even to us. So together we will look at and listen to the story your heart wants to tell. My primary objective in therapy is for your thoughts, feelings and choices to become congruent with your inmost self and for you to live your story from your heart.
Counseling might include, but is not limited to: exploring family of origin patterns; understanding gender and sexuality; identifying pain and areas of grief and loss; bringing to light addictive behaviors; teaching when
and how to establish appropriate boundaries in relationships; how-to put words and names to feelings; art activities and journaling; learning different communication skills; reality testing; cognitive behavior therapy and some principles of mindfulness from neurobiology.
You are worth the time and investment it takes to find the life of joy and peace you so earnestly desire.
Kind regards,

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Gainesville FL