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Providing counselling in the Overland Park and Greater Kansas City Area for the past 20 years, Debra offers help, hope, and relief for those struggling with:
Marital and relationships, addictions and compulsive behaviors,  (alcohol/drugs, sex and pornography and problem gambling) and mood/anxiety disorders.
Couples and Marital
For renewal and recharge in your relationship for their relationship,  couples learn a new set of tools for talking to each other without arguing, solving problems and resolving conflict more easily and reducing stress and anger in a relaxed, mutually supportive climate. For those dealing with infidelity and affairs,  Debra has a step by step plan to help your rebuild and renew trust and love.  For those interracial couples,  Debra has years of working with cross cultural and interracial relationship issue.  Dont Give Up!
Addictions and Compulsive Behavior
For those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse and the consequences, Debra offers a structured treatment with harm reduction and an abstinence based programs.  Want to live with freedom and stability in your finances, your health, and your relationships?  You can be free! Don't Give Up!
For those struggling with sex addiction and pornography, Debra offers a struggled recovery prescription to help individuals quit and renew. If you are having problems with excessive gambling, gaming and internet addiction,  lets work together to find a solution right for you.  Don’t Give Up!
Anxiety and Depression
If you are one of many who experience the lifeless and sadness of depression, or the constant rumination and worry of anxiety,  Debra has a step by step plan find normalcy, pleasant, meaning, and calm in your life today.  Don’t Give Up!
Ms. Neal is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and has certifications in addictions.   Her mission: helping individuals move from the life they have to the life they deserve
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