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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 400 E. Simpson St. Suite 104, Lafayette, Colorado, 80026
  • Additional Locations:
      See additional office location: Westminster, 80031
      8774 Yates. Dr. Suite 110
      Westminster, 80031
  • Phone: 720-699-0090
  • Session Fees: My fee is $100 for one hour. Given income or circumstances I have sliding scale fees.

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Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation

-Children     -Adolescents   -Adults        -Elderly
-Anxiety       -Addiction      -Trauma      -Loss

No matter the issue, no matter how embarrassing, frightening or difficult you find it, please feel free to show up for support.

-Talk therapy      -Mindfulness techniques                   -Emotion and body awareness
-Art                      -Changes in thinking                         -Changing behavior 
"Joy … follows rightly confronted despair. Joy is the experience of possibility, the consciousness of one’s freedom as one confronts one’s destiny. In this sense despair, when it is directly faced, can lead to joy. After despair, the one thing left is possibility. We all stand on the edge of life, each moment comprising that edge. Before us is only possibility. This means the future is open." Rollo May 
When I finally sought therapy, I was at my wits end. I knew I needed some kind of support because what I was trying wasn't working. I was drowning and it wasn't until I emerged that I understood pain can lead me to a happier life when I'm willing go through it. I have that belief for everyone who finds themselves in painful times.
Circumstance, biology, and both, can lead us to a point where we want to see a counselor. We find that we want to regain some control in our lives, to have the relationships we want, to feel better, or to talk to someone who might help us understand what we are going through. My belief is counseling is facilitating, it isn't my helping you as if you were incapable. Counseling is our striving together towards what you want and need your life to be.
I sought therapy and my education for the purposes of personal growth and to facilitate the well-being and freedom of others. I consider myself a facilitator in the process of healing and will work with any concern you have. I've worked in the human service field for over twenty years in a number of capacities and have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology. I'm also trained in Synergistic Play Therapy and Child Centered Play Therapy.
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