Diana Denson, M.A., M.Ed., L.P.C.C.

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  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
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Are you doing well enough in your life to get by, but not sure how to get a lot more satisfaction, excitement and overall success out of living? Counseling addresses the "lows" you go through, and will provide tools, new approaches and ideas for handling difficult emotions such as hurt, disappointment, depression and anxiety, as well as frustration with relationships, career, family and friends.

And yet there's a lot more to sitting down with a counselor. You can take things to the next level --through counseling and coaching that will help you see yourself beyond what you may have believed you were capable of! We usually develop our self-image, self-esteem and life's expectations from what we've grown up with, seen in our environment and been taught by family, friends, education, and media.

Have you stopped and assessed where you've been, what you've learned from your experiences so far, and what new perspectives and plans you can have for you, your spouse, your kids now and in the future? And Whether you are in a relationship or not, parenting children or not, or in a job you want to stay in forever, are you ready to dig deeper into the meaning of your life and find what makes you happy and how you want to share and contribute that to yourself and the rest of your world?

Here at Abqnevertoolatecounseling, you'll know after one session how much more there can be to your life. Learn more about managing anger, fear, insecurities, stress. Increase your understanding of how your personality works and how the habits and tendencies you have are unconsciously shaping your destiny . See how you can become a lot more aware of stuck thinking, feeling and behavior patterns and how to change them for your benefit to have a more balanced lifestyle. Through self-analysis with personality and emotional assessment tools, recommendations of specific approaches to improve your perspectives and expectations, counseling can work wonders. In thirty years I've heard countless times how much better off people were after experiencing counseling . I'm glad you're here.

After obtaining two Masters Degrees at Columbia University. I became a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.
I worked with a psychologist and psychiatrist doing family, couples, and individual counseling, stress-reduction training, career counseling, and psychotherapy. I am a Certified Forensic Counselor trained in Mediation for marriage, premarital, separation and divorce, and am trained in divorce prevention and marriage-enhancing techniques. I'm a member of the New Mexico Counseling Association and The American Association of Family Counselors, and have published articles for The Albuquerque Journal and Sage Magazine.

People have said that the counseling experience they've had here with me has given them a unique opportunity to understand where they come from, what they can learn about themselves from every experience (not just the easy ones), and how to appreciate the impact it all has on their lives today.
Viewing your life from a different, more positive, growth-oriented angle actually can help you STOP JUDGING YOURSELF, and REGRETTING THE PAST, and START MOVING IN A POSITIVE DIRECTION. Give yourself a gift--a new way of living!

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