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Dr. Dolores (Dee) Riley is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor (Advanced Certification), licensed by the National Board of Examiners of the National Christian Counselors Association.  She is an Ordained Minister of Counseling with the National Conservative Christian Church and a Board Certified Clinical Supervisor with the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists.  NOTE:  Dr. Dee is exempt from State Licensing under the exemption clause for clergy, State of Florida Statute #491.


Dr. Dee is Board Certified in Marriage Therapy, Family Therapy, Crisis and Abuse Therapy, Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy.


Dr. Dee holds the following degrees:


Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling

Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling Psychology


Dr. Dee in private practice (Family Care Counseling) has been setting people free for twenty-five years.  While counseling with Dr. Dee, you will feel her embrace of compassion, empathy and warmth born out of her own personal experiences with suffering, loss, crisis and trauma.


She is trained in Theophostic ministry (Theo: God, Phostic: light) and for many years clients have found they are quickly released from the pain of emotional woundedness.  This is a divinely powerful and thoroughly Biblical approach in ministry.  Emotionally hurting people from all walks of life, with all manner of emotional woundedness, experience accelerated healing as truth replaces lies, freeing them from lifelong emotional/psychological pain.  It is not cognitive therapy, psychoanalytical, guided imagery, hypnotic suggestion or visualization.  Theophostic ministry is God illuminating, God directed, instantaneous, Biblical, consistent, predictable, complete and thorough reaching to the root lie(s) of the soul.


Theophostic Ministry believes a person’s present emotional pain comes from the misinterpretations (lies) imbedded in memories and not from the memories themselves.  For example, an incest victim feels shame not because she was molested but because she may believe it is her fault (the lie).  Cognitive approaches require you to exert continuous self-effort toward freedom with little or not lasting results.  It is possible to be in counseling for years and experience no release from your emotional pain (lies).  Traditional counseling methods will allow you to “take up your bed and limp”.  After Theophostic counseling, you will “take up your bed and walk”!!!


Dr. Dee also specializes in “Creation Therapy”.  This is temperament analysis which enables her to share with you your unique creation genetically coded into you at the time of your conception.  Your temperament determines how you perceive God, yourself and others.  It is the unique inborn, God-created part of you that determines how you relate to people places and things.  CT identifies your strengths, your weaknesses.  CT identifies your needs and how to get them met.  Your unique temperament is given counseling suggestions on how to work with your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  CT gives you the ability to find balance between your body, soul and spirit and to find the perfect place God designed for you.  It is very effective for any presenting problem you may have.  Dr. Dee uses CT in all premarital counseling and encourages using CT in marital problems.


Dr. Dee works very effectively with children and adults who are faced with a variety of issues including:








Anxiety & Stress
















Low self-esteem


Marital conflict










Sexual abuse




Teenage problems




Dr. Dee is married and has two grown children and three grandchildren.  She currently provides services to clients in the Tampa Bay area and has been doing phone counseling across the nation for several years.  She is available to individuals anywhere in the world.






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