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At Beaudin & Beaudin Counselling Services, we love what we do!  Our passion is to help people face struggles, work through areas in which they feel stuck or feel they cannot handle alone, learning healthy ways to enjoy life and live it to their full potential.  Often times, fear and shame keep people from seeking the help they need, so we believe it is critical to offer a safe place where people can be real without the burden of judgement.  We treat our clients with respect, regardless of background, offering professional and confidential services.  As therapists, it is important to us that clients feel comfortable, because we believe the "connection" or lack thereof, can either help or hinder progress.  We want to help, but no one is ever obligated to continue services with us, as we want people to find a therapist they connect with. 
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Leanne Beaudin,
MA Counselling, Certified Professional Counsellor (PACCP),
Certified Partner Recovery Therapist (AASAT)

Life offers many opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  Although formal education provided me training and credentials required to have the career I am blessed to have, it has been work experience and interactions with others that held the richest learning moments.  Among my greatest joys and "learning moments" have been in the roles of wife and mom.  Don and I were married in 1999 and have two children, Josh and Cassidy. 

For 20+ years, I have been involved in the helping field.  Having worked in a variety of settings has given me good understanding of, and appreciation for, many struggles people face in different seasons of life.  As a First Responder, I was required to assess and treat individuals in need of immediate assistance and interact with them as I managed their health concerns or responded to their physical health crisis.  While serving as an RCMP Victim Services Coordinator, I had opportunity to train volunteers and work with people who had experienced trauma.  Both these positions served me well in applying classroom learning to real life situations.  As a professor of counselling at Horizon College, I had opportunity to develop and teach several counselling courses while also serving as campus counsellor.  These experiences have all contributed to my private practice approach and skill set.

In addition to work experience and formal education, I am committed to continuing education, as required by PACCP (Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists), that I stay current and continue learning.  Seeing a growing need to offer support to those struggling with, or affected by, sexual addiction, I recently obtained my credentials as a CPRT (Certified Partner Recovery Therapist) following a six month supervision period with Dr. Doug Weiss with AASAT (American Association for Sex Addition Therapy).  This also allows Don and me to compliment each other's practice.

My approach to the therapeutic relationship is to first offer a cup of coffee and then invite conversation.  Goals are defined, some history gathered, and concerns discussed.  With the client in charge of the session, and at his or her pace, I endeavor to help discover and learn healthy ways of coping, managing, flourishing, and meeting the goals of the client. 

If you prefer to contact me directly, please email me at or call 204-570-3223. 

Don Beaudin, 
MA Counselling, Certified Professional Counsellor (PACCP),Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist (AASAT)

For the last 30+ years, I have been given the opportunity to have a career in the helping fields of youth justice, addictions, and addictions recovery.  This has allowed me to be very active in an individual's goals, working with youth, adults, couples and families.  I have participated in one-to-one counselling, case management, group and program facilitation/development, mediation, coaching, as well as program and clinical supervision of both staff and students. 

While the majority of my career has had an addiction and recovery focus, I am person-centered and use a holistic model of recovery.  This has allowed me to better meet the specific needs of an individual and become skilled in helping those with emotional, cultural, relational, spiritual, and physical needs. 

During my graduate studies, I met my wife, Leanne.  We have two children, Joshua and Cassidy, and our third child, the family dog, Shiloh.  I have also had the pleasure of working with Leanne as a co-professor at Horizon College & Seminary in the areas of counselling skills and practicum. 

In addition to working with Leanne in our general private practice, I work as an addictions counsellor with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. 

To contact me directly, email or call 204-570-3343. 

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