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  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
  • 1701 Westchester Towne Centre Mall / Suite 350, High Point, North Carolina, 27262
  • Phone: 336-681-7913
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  • Session Fees: Financially supported since 2002 by local churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals (non-counselees), GraceRenewal provides counseling without charge.

Don Whisnant, DCC, LCPC 

For over 40 years, Don has served as pastor, family ministry director, church growth consultant, college faculty member, and minister to youth. 

He has a Masters in Ministry / Church Leadership degree from Bethany Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Christian Counseling degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary, and diplomas for completed studies in fitness and nutrition through two professional career development programs. 

Since 1983, Don has logged over 30,000 fitness miles and has been married to Carole for 33 years.  


Pastor’s Kid and Early Ministry 

I was born into a pastor's home (Dad pastored 40 years), trusted Christ for salvation at age five, surrendered to full-time ministry at age 17, then went on to college and seminary and to serve in useful ministry for about 15 years. 

Early Failure 

In 1983, while pastoring the fastest growing church in our state, my ministry and marriage failed. For several years, I was discouraged by my failure, but in time, I began to learn about the Father's heart for the marred vessel, that he does not throw it away, but makes it again another vessel according to his loving wisdom and in his own time. 


In 1990, I remarried, moved to Atlanta, returned to college and seminary, completed studies for two post graduate degrees, and in 2004 earned certification as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, now Advanced Certified. 

FBA and GraceRenewal Counseling 

In Atlanta, I taught The Early Morning Adult Sunday School Class at First Baptist Atlanta for three years, and then in 2002, began GracePoint Counseling (now GraceRenewal Counseling) 


Financially supported since 2002 by local churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals (non-counselees), GraceRenewal Counseling provides counseling without charge. 


Westchester Towne Centre Mall
1701 Westchester Ave / Suite 350
High Point, NC 27262


GraceRenewal Counseling provides counseling to couples and individuals for  

  • Divorce Intervention, 
  • Marriage Enrichment, 
  • Parenting Support, and 
  • Faith Renewal.

What to Expect 

During the Initial Interview, prospective counselees will be encouraged to share relevant information about their need and goals for counseling. 

While we support the complex treatment methods sometimes needed to meet counseling needs, GraceRenewal Counseling does not use the term “therapy” or “psychotherapy” to define or represent the counseling we provide.

Counselees can expect our counseling to be Scripture supported, to increasingly become a teacher-student relationship for learning grace concepts that support renewed health and happiness, and to be pastoral and appropriately friendly.


To schedule an initial interview:
Email: or 
Call: (336) 681-7913 
Covid Policy

GraceRenewal Counseling is constituted as a grace renewal church (AGRC) according to Baptist tradition and endorses the safety recommendations made by the NCDHHS for places of worship - specifically for it's leadership to ensure that staff and attendees, including counselees, are not experiencing symptoms of COVID and are either wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing from non-family members and that all meeting and counseling areas are well-ventilated, kept clean, and disinfected before each use. Also, usually no more than 5 persons are present in our almost 1000sf office suite during counseling sessions or more than 10 persons for our church and Institute meetings.


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