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Don is a relational communication specialist. He honed his craft over years of personal and professional development. As one of five siblings, Don knew that to get along he had to be flexible and respectful. He carried these core elements into his professional career.

For twenty-five years Don served in pastoral ministry combining relational and spiritual gifts to provide solid leadership from a compassionate heart. His prowess as a relational communication specialist was evident in the reputation he developed as a public speaker. People would often comment that his messages felt as if they were tailor made for them. In a private setting, Don’s ability to listen empathically and offer wise counsel garnered requests for counseling on a regular basis.

Don’s spiritual journey led him to pursue his passion to strengthen relationships. Over the past decade Don has dedicated himself to further development as a relational specialist. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the owner of LifeWork Counseling, Don helps individuals, couples, and families break negative interactive patterns and create healthy, respectful relationships. Clients comment on Don’s ability to “get them” and provide solutions that promote change.

In addition to his clinical practice, Don is gaining attention as a writer and public speaker. He is currently writing a book on bring respect back in relationships, which will become available in the fall of 2011. He is a frequent speaker in churches, retreats and workshops while serving as a lecturer on the faculty of the Graduate School at Governors State University.

Don has published a book: "Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without Conflict".  He is currently working on his second book on bringing intimacy back in relationships due out in 2016. 

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