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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 27400 Oakflat Dr., Tehachapi, California, 93561
  • Phone: 661-972-5953
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  • Session Fees: $180.00 per session, includes High Performance Neurofeedback and weekly assessments of brain performance.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

If you are looking for expert professional guidance to help you to overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD, or PTSD symptoms - we have proven strategies to get results fast - such as High Performance Neurofeedback treatment.
Dr. Douglas Cowan has been in Tehachapi as a Counselor, Pastor, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years. He is well known in town and highly sought after as a therapist, speaker, and coach. Listen to his weekly radio program "The Living Room" heard Sunday nights on 88.3 LifeFM. 
Download and Read some of his articles and seminar handouts:

Enjoy our peaceful office in beautiful Bear Valley Springs.  

  Author of the ADHD Information Library at and 500 Classroom Interventions at, Dr. Cowan also has a free ADHD newsletter has 9,500 subscribers, and a premier monthly video program for parents. He works with teens and adults with feelings of depression, anxiety, worry or fears, and cutting. As a pastor he understands matters of faith, Church hurt, and prayer.  

Personalized for your needs. Solving Life's Problems.

ADHD, school problems, relationships problems, wanting to know God better, wanting to be more successful in life, in marriage, at work, in business. We help you to identify the problems, and then work with you to create new habits for success that will last.

Serving Tehachapi, Stallion Springs, Golden Hills, Bear Valley Springs.  Over 28 Years Experience Empowering People to Overcome:

  • PTSD and Overwhelming Stress, ADHD or other School Problems, Depression or Grief, Anxiety or Fears, Tormenting Thoughts of the day or night, Executive or Pastoral “burn-out,” Church Hurt Unforgiveness and Bitterness, and helping those Wanting to Have a Richer Meaning and Purpose in Life. 
  • Are you looking for Relief from Depression or Anxiety near Tehachapi?
  • Are you seeking to be in a right relationship with God, with others, and at peace within yourself?   
Our goal is to help you to be more successful in every relationship and facet of your life. We provide professional services to businesses, professionals, families, and individuals seeking to make things better – starting today.   Douglas Cowan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 30 years of experience in helping children, teenagers, and adults to be more successful in school, at home, and in their relationships. His office is in beautiful Bear Valley Springs, CA.


  • Doctorate in Psychology
  • Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion


  • Serving the people of Tehachapi for 30 years. 
  • Teaches once or twice each month at Roots Christian Fellowship in Tehachapi.
  • Began Private Practice as a Counselor in 1988, and has worked with over 1,700 clients in Lancaster, Bakersfield, and Tehachapi 
  • Director of Child and Teen Services at a Charter Psychiatric Hospital for 2 years
  • Editor of the ADHD Information Library websites for parents
  • Radio Host for both “The Living Room” and “Family Matters” broadcasts for a total of fifteen years combined
  • Clinical Advisory Board for VAXA International, Inc., a manufacturer of nutritional products and over-the-counter medicinals for depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more from 1988 to 2011

Author of these resources:

  • “The ADHD Diet” at, 
  •  “101 Classroom Interventions for ADHD at
  • Weekly ADHD e-newsletter with over 9,500 subscribers

Service in Our Community and Beyond:

  • Through the years Pastor Cowan has led teams to Mexico and Guatemala where these teams have built twenty homes for families in Mexico, and a school for children in a remote region of Guatemala.  Cowan then served on that school’s Board for a few years to help the school get established. Today over 200 students each year receive a free education because of that school.
  • Doug Cowan has volunteered as both a youth hockey coach and as a youth baseball coach in Tehachapi. In the past, Cowan has coached baseball at the high school level in both Lancaster, CA and Kailua Kona, HI, and at the university level at California Lutheran University.  He also once was a contract scout for the Texas Rangers.
  • Pastor Cowan has led over a dozen weekend marriage retreats, encouraging over 300 couples from Orange County, Kern County, and Ventura County.  
  • As Pastor of Family Ministries at a local church in Tehachapi, Cowan both started and trained the volunteers for these resources in Tehachapi:  Grief Share, Divorce Care, and Divorce Care for Children.

Chances are pretty good that you have met either Dr. Cowan, or his wife Susie, or one of their children at some time through the years.  Doug and Susie Cowan have been married since 1981, and have three great children.  Amber is married, and lives with her husband and three children in Portland, OR.  Dallas is married and lives in Phoenix, AZ with his bride.  And Grant is still at home growing, working, and playing hard.
The Cowan’s moved just outside of Tehachapi to Bear Valley Springs in 1989, and since they have been very involved in churches, and in Little League and other youth sports, and in a dozen other community activities as they have raised their children into adults, so it is possible that your paths have crossed at some point over the years.


  • Douglas Cowan has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (M24381) since 1988, and has helped people to change, and grow, and heal in a variety of settings, including private practices, inpatient hospital settings, and as a minister working in a church setting.  
  • He has written over 200 articles for parents and teachers on topics such as ADHD, and parenting, and his websites have provided information to over 1,000,000 parents and teachers since 1986.  Today his ADHD newsletter for parents has over 9,500 subscribers.
  • Dr. Cowan is a professional and licensed therapist (MFT 24381) who, like any healthcare or service provider, charges a fee for his services, expertise, and time.  The office does not bill insurance carriers typically, though there is one exception.  As a way of saying “thank you” to our servicemen and women, Dr. Cowan is a member of the TriCare Panel of Providers.


  • Together we try to figure out what the problem is, and how best to solve the problem.  And then, once the problem is solved, to help individuals and families to grow stronger in their love, and faith, and commitment to others.  
  • Counseling is more an “art” than a science.  It involved providing direction, or advice, that leads to a course of action that moves the situation to a better place. 
  • Counseling is the application of wisdom, experience, education, and expertise to your situation, for your benefit. 

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