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Best Therapists in Orange County, CA are Psychologists. Dr. Chris Nikolaidis gets excellent reviews from his patients. Click DoctorNikolaidis.com or call and text 24/7, click (949)791-7127 today to book an appointment. Anxiety, trauma, stress, depression and anger are what Dr. Nikolaidis specializes in treating. These disorders create true suffering and begin to shrink your life and make it small. Dr. Nikolaidis is specialized in helping individuals and couples walk their way out of this awful spot. By using the proven techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy, it really is possible for you to be free of these problems and get your life back again.

Don't let your problems go untreated. Orange County Psychologist Dr. Chris Nikolaidis helps clients to: 

*Distinguish between thoughts and feelings.
*Become aware of the ways in which thoughts influence feelings in ways that sometimes are not helpful.
*Learn about thoughts that seem to occur automatically, without even realizing how they may affect emotions.
*Evaluate critically whether "automatic" thoughts and assumptions are accurate, or biased.
*Develop skills to notice, interrupt, and correct biased thoughts independently.

Same/next day appointments. Click DoctorNikolaidis.com or Call and text 24/7, click (949)791-7127 today to book an appointment at Dr. Nikolaidis' prestigious high rise office.

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