Dr. Kimberley Wands, Ph.D.

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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 625 Goderich Street, Box 1902, Port Elgin , Ontario, N0H 2C0
  • Phone: 226-923-1705
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  • Session Fees: 200.00 dollars an hour

Dr. Wands is a registered psychologist, providing individual services of assessment, treatment, and consultation to children, teens and adults. Her areas of practice are primarily involving cognitive difficulties, ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, trauma and learning disorders.

She has an office in Port Elgin as well as Owen Sound.

Referrals. Dr. Wands accepts referrals from patients, and also from physicians, insurance companies, health care providers and related professionals. 
Dr. Kimberley Wands enjoys working collaboratively with other health care providers. 

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Port Elgin ON