Dr. Mark Smith, BCPC, D.Min

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  • Board Certified Pastoral & Biblical Counselors
  • 3988 S. County Rd. 300W, Greencastle, Indiana, 46135
  • Phone: 219.379.3029
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  • Session Fees: We have a ONE TIME SUGGESTED DONATION of $200.00. The Counseling is free no matter how many times we meet. This offsets internet expenses.
  • www.southsidebiblicalcounselingcenter.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

We presently are serving at Antioch Baptist Church in Greencastle, Indiana. 
The Counseling Center is fifteen years in the making and it is still our passion and hearts desire. 
My wife and I have been Board Credentialed through the International Board of Christian Counselors.  We truly love what we do because we see miracles take place almost every week of the world.  Marriages are restored, families are put back together, lives are changed, relationships are revived and all sorts of heart issues and addictions are dealt with in a loving and caring environment.   We know this works - because we experienced this very same type of Counseling years ago in our family.
This is not our livelihood.  We do not make a living at this, but we are as professional as you might expect and deserve.  We've had the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of folks in all walks of life. 
Please give us a call and we'll explain how this works and why it works.  If you're serious about change and are willing to do some hard work in the beginning, we have seen the worst of the worst become the best of the best! Best of all - this type of Counseling usually only lasts for a season of your life.  Truly, somewhere between 8-15 weeks we are usually finishing up with folks who have done the Homework we give each week and are serious about a changed life.  This is the place where Help and Hope Graciously Meet!

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