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Work Experience.    My professional experience includes being a classroom teacher, certified special education teacher, school psychologist, behavioural consultant, school consultant, crisis responder, and therapist to teens and adults.  
I taught in the school system for over nine years.  I served in the regular classroom and as a Certified Special Education Teacher, teaching many students with exceptionalities.  I also worked with students and adults who displayed behavioural difficulties. 

As a psychologist and behavioural interventionist, I have worked in rural and northern Saskatchewan.  I recognize the view of teens and adults who sought to change behaviours, but also had significant wounds to address.  

Understanding The Wound.     I believe in understanding the wounds, personal story, and values of each individual.  Understanding one's wounds, the various forms of 'medicating' wounds, and restoring boundaries and functionality to individuals is important in my work as a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals).  Striving to hear the personal story, understand the values and recognize the needs of individuals is paramount to any work I complete in mediation. 

You Have Strength.  I believe in a strength-based approach that authentically celebrates each person's innate worth and skills.  I have a background in helping teens, and adults address wounds, distorted thinking, and behaviours in their lives that have negatively impacted them.  For many people, it is profoundly important to acknowledge and understand the impact of their wounds, and then strategically utilize their found strength to form new behaviours and move forward. 
Heightened anxiety, fear, shame, and reinforced dysfunctional behaviours often compound to bring chaos into our lives.  It is truly freeing and wonderful to know that this chaos does not have to stay in our lives.  This reality is possible. 
Conflict Happens!  In my work and daily life, I have increasingly seen the importance of the capacity to handle conflict - both socially and internally.  Inevitably, conflict will occur in our friendships, intimate partnerships, work settings, and among our relatives.  Where there is relationship, conflict will occur. We often want to tell ourselves that "It'll be okay once this issue gets dealt with".  However, we must eventually admit that conflict is not going to simply go away, and perhaps our approach towards (or more commonly - away from) that friction is not working. In reality, to truly avoid conflict, we sadly will often cut off or avoid relationship.  Considering this, we should usually opt for conflict. How do you identify, acknowledge, and address conflict?  As you reflect on your own practice, you may begin to question the logic in your own process. You may find that you've never been given a productive model of conflict resolution.  You may also find that some areas of conflict symbolically represent other issues (or wounds)  that may or may not even pertain to the conflict in question.  In addressing this very important work, I believe you will find your capacity for conflict will grow. 

Mixed Feelings Are a Good Thing!  Within each of us, we must find a capacity for mixed feelings: about others - and about ourselves.  This is crucial in realizing our innate worth.  By constantly reviewing how we have succeeded, failed, and may be viewed by others,  we miss the ultimate truth:  that we are fallible individuals with innate worth.  We are worthy of being loved.  We do not need to fulfill an 'economy' to justify our relationships with others. 

These issues and more may come up in our sessions.  This requires strength and safety, and both will be present. 
I look forward to working with you.   

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