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Choosing a therapist to work with your child and family can be a tremendous task, and it is important that one understands not only the the complex needs of children in their current environment, but also those of the caregiver guiding them through their developmental stages. It is my focus solely on the healthy development of children and their families that has allowed me to acquire this acute awareness of the continuously changing environment in which our children and family lives. Further, my training and work in residential care has allowed me to engage children with the most pressing behavioral needs. Not only did this allow me to develop a strength based, behavioral approach, but it highlighted how even the most extreme behaviors are rooted in underlying emotional needs and require a team of support.

This experience continues to highlight my focus on collaboration today, not only as a family, but also with other community resources in helping overcome the barriers that arise. All too often these behavioral concerns are not isolated to one environment, and frequently they begin to effect not only the home, but the school and community as well. Therefore, implementing strategies in the home may result in the desired change while leaving struggles remaining at school or with peers. I therefore work closely with families and academic institutions to develop the supports necessary through informal collaborations to IEP and 504 plan consultations.

Working from this behavioral and insight oriented approach allows us to work together with the complex needs underlining depression, ADHD, emotional regulation, anxiety, and academic struggles. Not only does this assist in resolving the current stressor, but it also removes the guilt and shame associated with the barrier. Further, by identifying the source of the concern within the unmet need allows one to remove oneself from being "the problem" and helps shield our children from potential self-esteem concerns. While these experiences at times feel completely insurmountable and out of our control, with effective behavioral and insight driven intervention, growth is more than possible. Just know that you are not alone in this task, and if you have any questions at all, want to determine if I would be a good fit, or need referrals to other supports, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am more than happy to explore how to get your child and your family the supports you need and deserve.

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