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East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a leading provider of outpatient addiction treatment in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines individual therapy and group therapy with the use of prescription medications, for adults age 18 and older who are dealing with opioid addiction.
Prescription medications used in MAT at East Indiana CTC include methadone, buprenorphine, Suboxone, and naltrexone. Medication-assisted treatment is an evidence-based approach to treating opioid addiction. Organizations like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommend MAT for addiction treatment due to its high success rates in helping individuals stop using opioids.
One reason why opioids are so addictive is because of the difficulty individuals face when they try to stop using. Within hours, a person attempting unassisted detox might suffer from severe pain, nausea, cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness. Oftentimes, the physical symptoms of withdrawal are so extreme that the individual ends up using again, even when they don’t want to, because the withdrawal symptoms are physically overwhelming.
MAT is a powerful tool in addiction treatment. The medications used in MAT work to alleviate the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. In addition to helping on a physical level, they also help reduce the frequency and intensity of opioid cravings. Medication-assisted treatment gives a client the support needed on the physical and psychological levels to successfully break the habit of opioid use.
East Indiana CTC places MAT clients into individual and group counseling sessions. One-on-one counselors provide clients with individualized care. Clients benefit from professional support as they identify social and emotional elements that contribute to substance use. Clients learn to cultivate self-awareness and bring healing to mental, emotional, and spiritual areas. Unresolved traumas and co-occurring disorders are addressed and treated, and a plan for long-term recovery maintenance is created.
Group therapy is also a central aspect of our addiction treatment program. Group therapy sessions provide clients with a structured environment in which to learn coping skills, effective communication, and addiction education. Group sessions teach clients that relying on a community of peers in recovery is an effective way to navigate challenges and find support and understanding. When clients learn through practice, they are empowered to remain in recovery.
The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere at our premier treatment center provide clients with the support they need to confidently leave opioid addiction in the past. Clients at East Indiana CTC receive a detailed treatment plan intended to support them from the first day onward. MAT’s combination of medication and talk therapies works to build a strong foundation for long-term healing.

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