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Frustrated by your relationships or feeling like you live life on everyone else's terms but your own? I am a warm, interactive partner in solution-focused conversation cradled with a sense of deep optimism which comes from both my professional training and from being a fellow traveler in negotiating life's challenges. I quickly assess what my clients needs are and provide concrete understanding, tools, skills, and solutions for their circumstances. I help you build inner resilience and self-esteem in the same way you boost your immune system when you feel worn down.

We will look at how you got to a place of emotional pain and find healing in a way that gives you an understanding not only for the past and how it leads to your current circumstances, but also produces excitement at the prospect of what is coming next.

Sometimes we need a little help from a trained professional to get ourselves back on track and attain clarity of thought.  This is not a sign of weakness of character, but a humble trait of humanity that most of us experience at one time or another.  The most fulfilled people in life are those who consistently look for tools and skills to use in the face of life's day to day challenges.  Its not about how heavy the burden is, but how you carry the load.  I can help you focus your attention and intention so that you are leading a life which brings you joy and contentment.

We will have useful conversations and an exchange of thoughts and perspectives which will help you feel more in control of the things you can control, and able to recognize and then manage the things you cannot. 

We will look at the "story" of your life and its impact on your beliefs and behaviors - eventually uncovering those which are productive for you, and those which keep you stuck.  This allows you to choose more freely what you want to allow in your life and what you want to discard.  

We will uncover your innate strengths and resources and build additional skills applicable to your lifestyle and sense of self.

You will have a better understanding of the past and the present but will also feel excited to embrace the possibilities of what is next.

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