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  • Registered Psychotherapist
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  • Phone: (289) 818-5212
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Welcome to a journey of psychotherapy
When you are looking at this profile, you are probably concerned about yourself to the point that you want to seek help. You may be experiencing intense emotions/strong feelings, like fear, anger, sadness, loneliness or helplessness, and it has been impacting on your life, such as your relationship, work, sleep... You are likely to have questions on how psychotherapy can help and which therapist will fit. Let’s slow down and take a deep breath... I would first like to applaud your decision to seek help because it takes courage. This is a significant sign of your readiness to acknowledge your issues and to make changes.
It will be a privilege to your therapist.  Together we will make the changes you need.  I promise I will be there with you every step of this journey to discover a path towards restoration and growth.  Please call me or email me for a free consultation.  You can also visit my website www.oceanbell.ca to do an online booking!  
Who We Are 

Elaine Lam is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario and a post-Academic member of the Canadian Association of Psychoanalytic Child Therapy.  She has a Masters degree in Psychology and post-graduate clinical trainings in the areas of CBT, EMDR, Psychodynamics, Motivational interviewing, Solution-Focus, Mindfullness and Play Therapy.  With over 13 years of clinical practices, Elaine has rich experiences in working with a wide range of clients in different settings (individual, couple and family).
Elaine is specialized in the following areas:
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Addiction (gambling, internet/gaming)
Marital issues
Adolescent issues
Children behavioral and emotional issues
Mild spectrum of ADHD and Autism

Elaine is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.  She believes the strong rapport between the client and the therapist (i.e.,therapeutic alliance), is the key to the effectiveness of a treatment, is built by providing linguistic and cultural sensitivity with client-centred environment.  She values the holistic view of human well-being and offers integrative approaches to meet the needs of the client.

Elaine is also an active member of the community and participated in multiple TV and radio interviews (Fairchild TV, Omni 3, 1430 and 1540), seminars/workshops and forums to increase the awareness of mental health in the Chinese community.

Elaine is a mother of two, loves spending her time with her kids, husband and friends, likes to run and meditate in early morning to enjoy the quietness and freshness of Markham. 
 林碩士精通英語,粵語和國語。林碩士擁有超過10多年臨床經驗,曾在多倫多一間華人非牟利機構當輔導員多年,有豐富經驗提供個人,婚姻及家庭心理輔導。她的專業領域包括焦慮,抑鬱,創傷後遺症,賭博及網絡隱癖,親子關係,兒童及青少年情緒和行為問題,輕微過度活躍症及自閉症等等。 林碩士深信心理治療不但能處理心理及情緒的問題,更可以幫助個人成長及脫變。林碩士透過不同的專業治療方案 (認知行為療法 CBT, 眼動療法EMDR, 精神分析心理治療法 Psychoanalysis, 遊戲治療法 Play Therapy,Mindfulness 等等),去幫助客戶的需要和目標。她最喜歡的其中一個格言是「我不再是受害者(Victim)而是生還者(Survivor)」。

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