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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist
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My approach to therapy is a very compassionate one. In over 24 years of clinical work, I continually admire people’s desire to grow and ability enhance their lives in extremely meaningful ways.

Sex and sexuality have become more complex for many individuals and couples. Sexual betrayal and excessive sexual behaviors often cut to the core of romantic relationships, differently than other addictions do. Sexual addiction is recognized as out-of-control sexual behaviors that a person struggles to stop or keep under control on his or her own. For a sex addict, maintaining secrets or a double life are both exhausting and filled with chronic fear. Whether it's pornography, compulsive masturbation, on-line or in person extra-marital relationships, or other sexual behaviors that you do not want your partner to know about, you are working hard to keep your activities secret and this has great significance to both you and your love relationship. Many people who are sexually addicted experience relief when the behaviors they have worked so hard to conceal are finally discovered.

When partners discover sex addiction is present, upheaval and chaos tend to erupt. Partners initially often experience rage, shock, fear, mistrust, and a betrayal that can feel overwhelming. They often wonder if they will ever trust again, if their relationship can survive this crisis, and how they were unaware of the secretive sexual behaviors that may have been going on for years. Life has turned upside down. Partners are often affected in areas including self-esteem, body-image, sexuality, trust, safety, and sometimes health. Perhaps, if you are a partner of a sex addict, you feel alone and hopeless about your relationship or your own recovery. I assure you that you will not always feel the way you do as when the crisis first hits. Recovery IS possible...for both you and your relationship as well.

Couples in recovery from sexual addiction often notice how much distance and disconnection have existed in their relationship. A couple in recovery needs to rediscover or redefine what love, intimacy, and connection mean to both themselves and each other in order to heal. Healing from the betrayal, shock, and anger is necessary in order for trust to be rebuilt and regained. I find that when both partners in the couple-ship are willing to bring honesty, compassion, and curiosity to their process, people move forward in their relationship healing. It is a process that takes time but can happen when both partners are willing and desiring the same relationship goals.

Sex addiction is different from other types of addictions. It cuts to the heart of love and relationships. The good news is that recovery is possible! Call to discuss how you can find the support and healing necessary to move out from the crisis towards a more peaceful and thriving relationship with both your Self and others.


I offer individual and couples therapy. When you are unable to come in to the office or perhaps traveling, sessions may be held over the phone or Skype as alternate options.

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