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Are you wondering if things will ever get better?  Maybe you are depressed, anxious or generally unhappy in your life.  Could you be feeling a lack of self-confidence?  Sometimes the problems cannot be easily pinpointed without help, guidance and counseling.  It could be that you are not supported enough in your relationship or do not feel you are getting anywhere at work.  An experienced therapist such as myself can help you determine what you want to change, and give you the help and support you need to grow and get what you want out of life.
I have been a therapist for 14 years.  I have helped many, many men and women become successful in their lives.  Some of my clients have come to me feeling very low and unhappy with themselves and their circumstances.  I can help you love yourself and create a future of your choosing.
If you are hurting due to your relationships with others, this can also be helped in therapy. Do you have friends you can count on?  Are you estranged from family?  These are the problems that can derail your happiness.  Having friends, feeling connected with others can create a sense of fulfillment.  Without friends and connections, or a feeling of "belonging", we often feel empty.  Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed and joyless?  It could be due to lack of crucial attachments to others that you didn't learn how to create.  These deficits in your life might stem from the problems in your upbringing.  Counseling and guidance can help you overcome such deficits.
When family members are the problem, often, clients will start their therapy individually, but later on, bring in family members so that those relationships can be worked on.
Do you have a meaningful relationship with a significant other?  Even if you are in a relationship that looks to others to be perfect, you may feel there is something lacking - for example - intimacy.  Intimacy means both closeness and sexuality.  Many people who come to me for help are in relationships - some long term - yet they feel lonely and unsupported.  I can help you and/or your significant other become closer, break down barriers to increase intimacy and help you achieve a fulfilling sexual life.
Perhaps the issues you face are loneliness due to not being in a relationship at this time.  Together, we can explore ways to change your activities and increase your chances of finding the perfect mate. Finding your soul mate takes effort.  Even more effort than finding a job!  There are ways to increase your chances of being successful in your quest for a lasting relationship. 
Let's say your job is the major cause of unhappiness in your life.  You should love what you do, derive satisfaction from it, feel fulfilled and earn enough money for your needs. If you can't say that these statements are true, it may be that you need help with managing your career.  Handling a critical boss or cut throat co-workers is a skill you can learn.  Perhaps you need to find something else - a new job or a different career path.  I am skilled and experienced in helping those who have work related problems.
In my work with you, I will ask the difficult questions that will help you think about your life in a unique way.  My goal is for you to be comfortable enough to say anything you need to without fear of judgement, and yet challenged enough to create lasting change.  We will work together on creating self-confidence and self-love so that you can feel fulfilled in your life.  Call so we can begin our work right away!     

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