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I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with a background in Counseling Psychology.  I have spent years focused on the relationships between people and have found a passion in observing and organizing the dynamics that exist between people.  There is no one way to handle something... and helping people find those alternative ways of thinking can open up a world of options that we didn't realize existed.

In case this is something you have not heard of... Marriage and Family Therapy, or Systems Therapy, is a way of observing communication between people and use these observations to find new ways for multiple people in an environment to relate to one another.  And this is not limited to just families!  Couples in a relationship, siblings, co-workers, friends... anyone that you have a close relationship with can benefit from a systems perspective.  I am fortunate to have been working for the past several years with one of the pioneers in Marriage and Family Therapy and have been able to apply the knowledge I have gained from that experience.     

One area I am passionate about is grief and loss and have volunteered time with bereavement camps throughout Florida.  I have also worked with couples and families in dealing with communication, infidelity, and trust.  I am curious about the unique experiences each of my clients present and will consistently strive to be of use to my clients. 
I am determined to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health and highlight the benefits of a positive mental wellness outlook.  Reaching out to a therapist does not make someone "crazy" and sometimes people just need an objective sounding board.  We see too many stories about people who have paid the ultimate price because they did not know what other options they have.
Don't think there is a need to see a therapist?  Why not do some preventive maintenance? Doctors encourage annual physical check ups, so why not do one for your mental status?  Our practice offers the Mental Physical which is an informal sit down that allows you and the therapist to discuss a variety of topics and go over goals for the coming year.  Using the information shared in your session, your therapist can identify strengths and weaknesses as well as give you suggestions of what to work on in the next year.   
I started my practice with the goal of making therapy available - and affordable - for anyone who wants it.     

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