Elizabeth MacGregor, Ed.D, LP, ACS. ASE, EMDR, CBT

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Are you looking for ways to resolve your ongoing personal battles? Do you want more control over your life? Making the decision to see a therapist can feel scary and uncomfortable. But finding yourself at a turning point and wanting positive change can be a great motivator in taking the first step. Our therapy style is caring, supportive and non-judgmental, freeing you to relax for open communication. We guide you in becoming aware of emotional and habitual triggers so you can change repetitive patterns of behavior that are not serving you.

You will learn to understand yourself with new eyes and really see with crystal clarity where you are and how you got there. When everything "clicks" into place, then you will learn new ways to think and respond to what's thrown your way and move in a healthy direction.

We are trained and experienced in working with effective therapeutic techniques, treating you with a unique strategy that works specifically for you. Our high rate of successful outcomes, using practical and transformative solutions, achieves happy and satisfying lives.

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