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  • Registered Clinical Counsellors and Canadian Certified Counsellors
  • 911 Baker St, Cranbrook, British Columbia, V1C 1A4
  • Phone: 7786874122
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About Emily:
Emily created Kootenay Women's Counselling & Wellness out of a passion for supporting women's mental health in pregnancy, fertility challenges, postpartum, and early parenthood. After specializing in perinatal mental health and birth trauma, she realized a major gap in service in the Kootenays in terms of support women can find following such big life events and transitions. She continues to support women on their journey to mental health, but decided to create a group practice to reach the needs of all clients looking for mental health support in Cranbrook & Kimberley. Out of this, she was able to hire an amazing team of therapists who work with a variety of issues (not just women's mental health), but mental health for teens, men, lgbtqia2s+, couples, and families. 
What Counselling is Like Here:
We have beautiful, warm, and cozy office spaces in Cranbrook and Kimberley. You can kick your feet up and get comfortable with a cup of coffee or tea as we work together. We will spend time building a relationship with you and getting to know you, gather a comprehensive history of you and your mental health, set goals collaboratively, and work through whatever YOU want. 
Counselling Can Help With:
-Life transitions and changes
-Workplace trauma
-Birth trauma
-PTSD/other trauma
-Family issues
-Relationship issues
-Mood disorders
-Future planning
-Grief and loss
The Practice Now: 
Kootenay Women's Counselling and Wellness has a team of 6 counsellors dedicated to supporting you and your mental health through anything, big or small. We work with adults, couples, families, and youth.
We believe counselling is for everyone and we can support you with something specific like anxiety or depression or trauma, or through a big life decision or transition. If you want to feel more confident, less anxious, improve your mood, or work through a difficult event, we are sure you will find someone on our team who can support you with your unique situation.
You might even have coverage to see a counsellor through your benefits, and if not, please ask us about our sliding scale. Your mental health is important! Talking helps heal.
Visit kootenaywomenscounselling.com to easily book with one of our counsellors and learn more about their unique areas of practice. Or contact admin@kootenaywomenscounselling.com if you'd like more individual support to help you get matched to the right therapist. Now offering counselling in person in Cranbrook OR Kimberley, or online anywhere in BC.

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