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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 9623 32nd ST SE, STE A110, Lake Stevens, Washington, 98258
  • Phone: 425-334-8916
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  • Session Fees: My fees are typically $180 a session. I am a provider with Blue Cross, Lifewise and First Choice. At this time I do not offer a sliding scale.
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I got into the work of helping people probably from my own experience in therapy. I was a lonely, lost, overweight kid in Junior High when I went to a School Counselor.  It helped me so much, I said, "this is what I want to do."  I have been in practice for over 20+ years and I still find it fascinating how the human mind works, what makes good relationships, how people move through adversity.  I love helping people. 

I work with and specialize in Counseling for:
  •    Addiction Recovery (Alcoholism, Drug Addiction)
  •    Sexual Addiction Recovery (for Sex Addicts and Spouses)
  •    Codependency (for families who have Addicts in the their lives)
  •    Problem Gambling Recovery
  •    Compulsive Spending, Debting, and Hoarding

In working with Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors I really understand and help people with:
  •   Depression
  •   Anxiety
  •   Panic Disorder
  •   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  •   ADHD and ADD


Master of Arts, Community and Clinical Psychology, Chapman University, Orange, California, graduated 4.0 GPA

Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Sciences, Northwest College, Kirkland, Washington, graduated Magna Cum Laude
Nationally Certified Counselor through National Board of Certified Counselors
Master Addictions Counselor through NAADAC - Association of Addiction Professionals. 

MY APPROACH:  I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became a Certified Practitioner and a Master Practitioner of NLP.  NLP is the study of how some therapist were extremely effective in their work and the science behind it.  It is a form of positive psychology, that is looking at what works rather than focusing on what doesn't.  Instead of trying "not to be depressed" I believe it is more effective to study what it is like for people who are not prone to depression.  What is their recipe for success. 
I use Cognitive Behavioral Psychology where one looks at the beliefs behind one's feelings and behavior.  When the beliefs are challenged, the emotions change radically at times and behavior follows.  This is why going to a therapist, someone who doesn't know you and can challenge your beliefs in a safe and gentle manner can produce results where friends and family cannot.

 I added the use of EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback to my practice in 2011.  I have found it very effective for helping improve abstinence and sobriety rates for addiction and compulsive behaviors.  I use a system called BrainPaint which was developed by Bill Scott, a pioneer in the use of neurofeedback for addiction.  It also works for anxiety related disorders, panic disorder, attention deficit disorders and autism.  Neurofeedack is especially helpful for traumatic brain injury, concussions and emotional trauma.  
I find this work really encouraging in that when you start to help one part of the system get better, the rest of it begins to heal as well.  More people are helped and this is gratifying to me.  While I may help a little to get it moving in the right direction with tools and emotional support, the family is the one who is really doing the work and ultimately, God is giving the grace to accomplish anything.
A lot of people lose hope of every getting better.  Coming to counseling is not always easy, but once people are here they often feel much better.  Why?  I think the begin to see a solution to their problems that they didn't see before.  Many years of experience of seeing people get better has given me a healthy kind of confidence that we can overcome addiction, depression or anxiety.
I want more than anything to help the person get better and leave therapy with tools that work. I tend to work faster at getting to the heart of the matter and I take a few more therapeutic risks as I really want the person to succeed.  I am not going to be on the quieter side and say so little that it turns into an "expensive conversation."  People tell me that I have helped them get better sooner than other counseling experiences they have had.  I have experienced therapy many times myself and have experienced both types of therapy.  1. Therapy that was pretty life-changing and 2. Therapy that dragged on as we patiently waited for something to happen in family counseling.  Sometimes therapy takes awhile.   But I am definitely a fan of lets move quickly and help you get to feeling better.

WEBSITES - for general information on Erik's practice on all aspects of addiction recovery. - for information on freedom for worry, anxiety and panic disorder. - for his nationwide coaching for sexual addiction recovery. - for information on recovery from problem gambling. - for information on recovery from compulsive spending, debting and underearning.
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