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  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • 20 Office Parkway - Suite #113, Pittsford, New York, 14534
  • Phone: 585-615-5036
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  • Session Fees: If you have insurance, your copay will probably be between $15.00 and $50.00. I accept payment with cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo. Any questions, please call me at 585-615-5036.
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My name is Ernesto Michelucci. I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in alleviating relationship difficulties, helping with managing important life transitions, managing stress, and minimizing anxiety and depression. I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The University of Toledo. I completed my Clinical Psychology Internship in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Family Therapy at the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH. I am licensed to practice psychology in New York State. My license number is 012014. I am completely fluent in English and Italian. I can be reached at (585) 615-5036 or at for any questions about my treatment approach or to discuss how I may address specific problems.
I have been practicing clinical psychology since 1992.  I was born in Florence, Italy and came to the United States at the age of 26.  I am now 81 years old and enjoy my profession very much.  Perhaps more than my profession, I enjoy my children and grandchildren. 
As a clinical psychologist, I can help you with relationship difficulties, managing important life transitions, minimizing depression and anxiety, and managing stress. Your personality and coping styles will be a key focus in my work with you in order to build on your uniqueness. In my profession, there is no worthwhile "cookie cutter" approach. My main goal is to keep learning and help my clients do the same. In summary, I can help you with: 1) Relationship difficulties 2) Managing important life transitions 3) Minimizing your anxiety and depression 4) Managing stress.
Developing a fresh perspective on a recent or recurring problem is key to minimizing or eliminating it. As a psychologist, I can help you do just that. I am therefore best viewed as your personal consultant, with whom you can discuss your difficulties and identify the best strategies to address them.
The majority of life difficulties can be alleviated by insuring that we have an unbiased and objective perspective on the situation that we are trying to manage.  Only then, can we identify appropriate choices.  As the saying goes: "what bothers people is not what happens, but what they think of it".  Placing our difficulties in the right light, allows us to manage them best.  I can help you with developing an unbiased and objective perspective that, in turn, will allow you to identify the best approach.

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