Esther Goldstein, LCSW,MSW,CASAC-T

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I help individuals heal from feeling "not-enough-ness", create nourishing relationships and re-connect to their inner wisdom and joy. I specialize in helping people recover from unhealthy family dynamics, anxiety disorders and trauma. The disempowerment and lack of balanced identity identity in family dysfunction, the emotional roller-coaster of trauma, & the frustration of feeling "not-enough", these don't have to define your life forever.

I've had the opportunity of working with individuals struggling with these issues for many years and have seen clients transcend challenges and limitations and go on to developing meaningful & enriching lives.

My therapeutic approach is a blend of utmost compassion while being firm and committed to clients therapeutic goals. I appreciate working with individuals with anxiety as they tend to be powerful people who shine with strength once they define themselves. Survivors of trauma are some of the most courageous people I've met.

Let's help you heal from pains of the past, develop a stronger sense of self and access your inner wisdom to building a life that's worth living.

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