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You have been through a lot in your life
While you look like you have it together, on the inside you are always waiting for the next bad thing to happen because it almost always does.  It's exhausting to be anxious all the time.
It's rough having bad memories shadowing you, popping up at any moment. Just when you think maybe you've moved past the pain, you find yourself triggered into fear mode. Imagine waking up without the dread. What would life look like if you weren't on edge all the time and could actually enjoy whatever you are doing.
You could have more ease in your relationships, enjoy daily activities and feel confident about who you are.
Integrating scientifically based therapies including EMDR, Somatic Interventions, Ego State work (parts work), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Expressive Arts, I help clients heal from trauma, anxiety, and depression. Our goal is for you to experience change that lasts longer than your time in therapy.
My role is more than offering insight and guidance, rather, integrating mind-body healing I teach you skills in moving forward with newfound strength.  If you are tired of the way you feel and are ready to change the story of pain to possibilities, contact me for a consultation and to book your first appointment.
What to expect
At the start of therapy, we work on getting clarity in identifying exactly what it is you're needing help with right now. You may be needing to feel strong and grounded. You may be needing to set clearer boundaries, and learn to engage in healthier relationships. The therapeutic relationship leans towards healing injuries or traumas that have been impacting your quality of life, holding you back from living a more fulfilling day-to-day experience. Therapy maps out a plan, providing support, offering skills and insight that will guide you in moving forward with more clarity, confidence and wisdom.
 How I work 
My therapeutic work based on years of clinical practice, blended with my gentle humor has helped clients feel comfortable to begin the work with comfort and ease. I approach therapy thoughtfully and diligently, assuring that the work is thorough and steady-paced, aligning with highest level of clinical care. 
My practice is located in Cedarhurst, New York. The office is on ground level so there are no steps to get to my suite. There is outdoor metered parking, however, at busier hours, parking may take some extra time, so I suggest adding an extra 10 minutes to your travel, allowing adequate time to find comfortable parking.
My session fee is $200 for 45 minutes.
For more information regarding my practice and for forms necessary to fill out prior to working together, please visit

I do my best to respond to all inquires. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

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