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Marriage counseling is tough. It's hard on the couples who come in, angry and in pain, wanting to stay with their spouse and not knowing how. And it's hard on most counselors; not many are trained and experienced enough to do it, to sit with couples as they struggle, and actually contain them while finding a way for them to help them communicate and connect emotionally. Personally and professionally, I've experienced marriage, separation, divorce and starting over. And I know that marriage counseling can help you through the tough times, no matter what the outcome.

Marriage counseling is what I love doing, and what I specialize in. I've been taught and trained by experts in this field at Drexel University and The Council for Relationships in Phila. But the most effective system I've found is The Gottman Method Couples Therapy which is based on 40 years of research by psychologist Dr. John Gottman. I completed Level 3 of this therapy system. This has helped me incorporate many of the techniques I had been using into a counseling system which is very effective.

I believe marriage counseling should be as goal-oriented and brief as possible. As your marriage counselor, I will help you analyze what's wrong and what's right in your relationship, give you some useful marriage strategies and tools, and a safe place to work out your problems.

I am offering you a free 15 minute telephone consultation because I believe you should interview any therapist to see if he or she would be a good match. Call or text me today at 215-813-8633 so that we can get started saving your relationship.

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