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Fayetteville Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC), located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a leading provider of medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Our center offers outpatient addiction treatment for all genders and serves adults age 18 and older. Our mission is to help those who are seeking treatment for addictions to prescription painkillers, heroin, fentanyl, morphine, and other opioids.
Treatment at our facility includes prescription medication and both group and individual counseling. This whole-person approach is designed to help individuals experience greater success and as little discomfort as possible. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other globally recognized health organizations. MAT has been researched extensively and found to increase rates of long-term recovery.
Methadone has been used for decades to alleviate the painful and sometimes life-threatening side effects of opioid withdrawal. However, methadone can cause adverse reactions in some people and is not completely effective for everyone. By providing Suboxone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine as well as methadone, we are able to serve a greater number of people in need. Each of these medications is effective in eliminating the cravings, sickness, and physical pain that cause people to relapse. Relapse during withdrawal is a major cause of fatal overdose. MAT not only helps people in their recovery journey but also saves lives.
MAT at Fayetteville CTC also includes individual and group therapy sessions with qualified mental health professionals. Counseling can provide patients with the emotional and mental tools they need to meet their long-term recovery goals. Individual sessions offer patients a safe environment where they can process past experiences and receive nonjudgmental feedback from one of our compassionate counselors.
Group therapy sessions bring peers together under the guidance of a clinician. This allows patients to share their thoughts and concerns with others who understand their journey. Patients can practice the communication and problem-solving skills they have learned in a supportive environment. Peers can help one another gain perspective on addiction-related behaviors and find positive solutions to everyday problems.
Prospective patients at Fayetteville CTC are given a complete health evaluation to determine whether they qualify for our program. The information gathered during this evaluation and other testing is used by our clinicians to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. We understand that the recovery experience is different for each person, and every patient requires and deserves personal attention to meet their recovery goals.

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