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FOLKTOWN COUNSELING is a private practice located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle helping individuals and couples lead more meaningful lives. As licensed mental health counselors we offer relational psychotherapy to assist clients in their personal growth and to explore with them their problem(s). We strive to address the whole person over any presenting problem and it is our belief that counseling should support and challenge clients in a safe and empathetic environment.


I am a licensed mental health counselor and clinical supervisor in the State of Washington. I have been in private practice since 2005 and work primarily with adults, either as individuals or as couples. I hold a masters in Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. My training is based in relational psychotherapy. Additionally I am informed by a psychoanalytic perspective and a member of the NW Center for Psychoanalytic Study.

My goal in counseling is to help my clients grow as people. From within that perspective I address many common issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships, addiction, food behaviors and mental health disorders.

Alongside being a therapist, I am also a husband, a foster dad and a recording artist. It was during my travels as a musician that I developed a love for narative in the lives of people I met on the road. This intrigue still accompagnies my work with people today


My approach to therapy is influenced by my studies in psychoanalytic- relational psychology where an atmosphere of curiosity and openness can help clients better understand themselves and others. I see therapy as a place to grow and learn in a relationship more than problem solving. I believe that most wounding occurs within relationship and therefore healing comes as well in relationship rather than in isolation.

Having personal experience with trauma and loss I deeply understand the importance of providing a place of safety, where we can work through areas of grief, loss and relational brokenness. As such I seek to counsel with grace, gentleness and truth in an environment that is safe, yet challenges you in personal growth. I look forward to meeting you and joining you in whatever season of life you are traversing.



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