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  • Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Therapeutic Counsellor
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  • Session Fees: Fees: $150.00 for 1.0 hours and $210.00 for 1.5 hours including gst. Sliding scale is available for limited number of clients
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Specializing in Couples and Marriage Counselling & Counselling for Individuals

Every day I help couples caught in painful arguments resolve issues that confuse and hurt them.  With proven approaches, I can help you change the communication patterns that leave you both feeling discouraged and discover new ways to approach each other that  strengthen your connection and create deeper, happier intimacy. There are a myriad of issues that can trigger us into feeling alone and misunderstood:
  • a look 
  •  a tone of voice 
  •  dirty dishes in the sink
  • implied criticism
  • silence
  •  to the discovery of a betrayal that feels truly devastating

There is a never-ending list of  issues that can pull partners into "the negative cycle" - the arguments with their repeating patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviours that leave both partners feeling so discouraged and sad. 
If you and your partner find yourselves repeatedly caught in this way, then Professional Counselling may be the right step for you to take.  Couples that I see have usually tried desperately, over and over, to resolve these hurtful communication problems to the point of exhaustion.   You may have been together for many years, or be at the beginning of your lives together.  Whatever your situation, and whatever your background, effective help is available.   THERE IS HOPE   I can help you repair lost connection and discover new patterns of communication that bring relief  to your lives.  With a wealth of training and experience in relationship counselling with people of diverse backgrounds,  I know that providing safety, compassion and informed guidance can be transformative for couples in distress. Over the  past 10 years, I have specialized in one of the most highly researched and  successful approaches to relationship counselling available today, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Individuals (EFT).  EFT provides an attachment-based roadmap to relationship change that works.  This relatively short-term process - usually between 12 and 30 sessions - provides a 3-stage roadmap to relationship happiness. Stage 1 - we slowly and compassionately track and process the feelings, thoughts and behaviours of the negative cycle - the arguments that keep you stuck.   This process allows you and your partner to see yourselves  and each other from a perspective that softens and connects you,  reducing your distress. It lays the ground work for the discovery of new patterns of communication that reassure and strengthen your love.    As you and your partner learn to calm the negative cycle that you get caught in, new communication patterns that reassure and strengthen your connection grow. Stage 2 -  You and your partner will be supported to deepen your exploration of what lies beneath the choppy waters of your repeating arguments.  Authentic needs emerge in a form that soften and engage each other.   As secure connection is strengthened, intimacy is likely to spark again.  A feeling of lightness begins to emerge. Stage 3 - This is a time to
  • consolidate the changes you've made to last a lifetime
  • to successfully address and resolve any old issues that need to be addressed
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Individuals, an approach developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, author of "Hold Me Tight.  Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love", is an exciting and inspiring development in the field of Couples therapy. 
Extensive research demonstrates that 86 to 90% of couples completing this relatively short-term approach report experiencing increased happiness and satisfaction in their relationship with lasting results.  

While taking that first step to begin counselling can feel daunting, I encourage you to take that risk.  The benefits are likely to be tremendous!
  • communication patterns that connect and reassure 
  • a relationship that feels secure 
  • renewed intimacy and joy
  • tools to successfully resolve old and new issues in your relationship

  • Fran Brown's background
  •  B. MUS - University of B.C.
  •  Diploma in Special Education- U.B.C.
  •  M.ED - University of Hartford, Connecticut                                                    
  • CLEARMIND INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE - This is a three year counsellor training program in Transpersonal Psychology.  Studies included  Bowen Family Systems Theory, Rogerian Person-Centered approach, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt and a transpersonal perspective based on "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) .  A "miracle" is a shift in perspective.                                            
  • NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION - (NVC) This is a feelings and needs based approach originated by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.that emphasizes empathic listening and effective self-expression
  • RE-EVALUATION COUNSELLING - This is  an approach that postulates that we are born with an enormous amount of flexible intelligence,  a naturally affectionate and cooperative nature and a tremendous curiosity and zest for life.  Our inherent nature becomes less and less  available to us as we grow older, but can  be recovered by allowing our natural healing processes to operate as co-counselors learn to listen to each other from the heart.                                                  
  • EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPY FOR COUPLES & INDIVIDUALS - For the past 10 years I have trained and practiced  Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. This is an attachment based process that is the fastest growing approach to couples counselling available today.

I understand and appreciate that it that it can take a lot of courage to begin counselling.  It is deeply important to me to create a safe, non-judgmental and profoundly respectful environment where my clients feel safe to explore what troubles them.
 If you are ready to make changes that bring greater happiness to your life and relationships, then I encourage and invite you to contact me today.

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