Gabriela Nieves, LCSW,CCTP

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I typically work with clients who may be experiencing:

Grief and loss

But…  I Can Also Help You With:
•Modifying the negative thoughts, you may have about yourself.
•Setting better boundaries with others so that you feel heard and respected.
•Communicating your needs in an assertive way.
•Getting in touch with your inner self for greater self-awareness and empowerment.

If you have been feeling: Overwhelmed, stuck, damaged, or worthless, then let’s talk!
It is possible to find new ways of looking at issues from your past and your present and to find solutions.
I will help you regulate your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

My passion is helping individuals process uncomfortable feelings from a traumatic past or a current difficult life situation and my specialty is in working with unrecognized trauma in clients.
Did you know unrecognized trauma in your life can show up in the form of depression/anxiety, dating the same type of unhealthy person, and especially in the thoughts, you have about yourself?


When emotional trauma is left unresolved, your sense of self becomes broken. Unrecognized trauma is like an invisible wound.
Don’t just think of trauma as a serious injury from say, an accident, an assault or a natural disaster. Trauma can be as subtle as emotional neglect suffered in childhood.
 In fact, the least recognized trauma is the one that stems from years of emotional neglect, the feeling that you have been unimportant to others.
Neglect in childhood, or from a toxic relationship or even a workplace can leave you with invisible trauma.  I can guide you in having a healthier sense of your own being and place in the world.

My education
I completed my MSW at Rutgers University in New Jersey where I was also a recipient of an MSW Fellowship in Aging.

My Experience:
I have practiced in both inpatient and out-patient settings since 2013. I bring a unique perspective to my role as a clinical psychotherapist in that I am a retired law enforcement officer with an extensive overview of trauma. I aim to help clients overcome adverse experiences as well as traumatic events. I practice trauma-informed (and hope-centered) cognitive behavioral therapy.

I provide services to individuals throughout Florida via teletherapy.

Contact me and we can discuss your situation.
 I accept Aetna, Oscar, Oxford Health, and Cigna. As well as private pay. My fee is 130.00 per 50 minutes.

Remember: you can bounce back when bad things happen. I will assist you in developing a psychological mindset that drives resilient behaviors. The future can be better, and I want you to know that you have the power to make it so. I use evidenced based and well-researched methods to help clients identify their barriers with workable solutions and alternative pathways.




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