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  • Registered Clinical Social Worker; Therapist; Mental Health Counselor, Restorative Yoga Teacher selor
  • 4300 Upper Middle Road, Unit 3, Burlington, Ontario, L7M 4P6
  • Phone: 905-973-5882
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  • Session Fees: Individual rate is 100.00 per hour---couple rate is 125.00 per hour

Life on this planet can be hard. Especially right now. There are ups and downs; pluses and minuses; stops and starts; joys and sorrows. Flux and flow.   We all live within that. We don't get a map or compass and, sometimes, we need help finding our way. 

I always envision a bridge spanning between where we are now, and where we would like to be---therapy can help us unpack the weight we carry so that we can step onto the bridge with less baggage and begin the journey to the other a life that feels good enough. To a life with more peace and contentment, no matter what comes our way. A life of both radical acceptance and self-compassion. Not a life of perfection, but one where we manage the imperfections very differently---with acceptance and compassion, so you will feel safe to step off the bridge.

The right therapy can help build or rebuild a foundation solid enough to begin creating a life that feels right for you, according to your needs. Your values. A place to safely process, reframe and redefine. A place to learn skills and gain the tools to rebuild, manage, and accept everything that comes your way.

Using the theories, practices and protocols of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Interpersonal and Emotion-focused models, as well as psychoeducation and, if wanted, Restorative Yoga, I can help you create a new normal. Along with psychotherapy, I also offer Wellness Coaching. With a holistic belief in the mind-body-soul connection, neuroscience research and practical techniques, we can begin to find alignment and create coherence, in real time, in the real world. Mindfulness, heart intelligence and feeling physically grounded help us feel whole and assist inbuilding a life worth living. Even when it isn't perfect.

An important piece of this is to be clear that therapy and/or wellness coaching is about you: your life; your values; your beliefs; your experiences. I will always want to know about these things---they are foundational to change. They are vital to a great therapeutic alliance. You will find acceptance, nonjudgement, compassion and will feel both seen and heard.

The combination of talk therapy and restorative yoga can be a brilliant way to process and accept what life hands us---no matter what we have experienced---no matter where we find ourselves---embodied work can create relief. Mindfulness meditation; thoughtful, validating and therapeutic conversation; along with restorative yoga poses help build a safe foundation from which to live.

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