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As a Silicon Valley Professional, I Understand Stress Firsthand

As a business owner/CEO, professional therapist and mom of two young boys, I know what stress is about. I know what it is like to lose yourself to your to-do list...even to the bottom line. Sometimes, the demands we place on ourselves are even harsher than the expectations of our employers, investors, and spouses.

A few years ago, I experienced a series of serious life stressors (infertility treatments, a dangerous pregnancy & birth, the early deaths of both my mother and mother-in-law to cancer) within a 2 year period. Although my stress level was extremely high, I had to "keep it together" in my counseling practice, business and fast paced life. I had to make caring for myself and attending to my needs a top priority. I continue to practice and refine this skill as the mom of two young children and CEO of a growing therapy company.

My Passion for Therapy

I became a psychologist because I wanted to help people find more joy while attaining their goals and life's find passion in the process of life rather than waiting to be happy when you finally meet your ever-shifting goals.

As a counselor with one foot in business and the other in mental health, I love helping people who are feeling the stress and strain of life in Silicon Valley. With the demands and the fast pace of life we experience here, we can easily lose our sense of joy and meaning. This is especially true for those in high stress positions-- professionals, executives, and business owners.

As a therapist, I am honored to be with my clients as we explore the facets of life that are most challenging. Therapy is a unique opportunity to express and resolve hurts, disappointments, and sometimes traumas that have shaped our lives. The goal is to no longer let this define who we are, opening up to other more satisfying ways of being.

I am blessed to help facilitate and witness this change in my patients. As a therapist, I am an active participant, rather than a passive listener. I am direct and collaborative, helping you find the quickest and most direct route to resolve your struggles. If roadblocks appear, we compassionately identify them and help you move through them. I love working with my counseling clients and know I will love working with you, too.

I would love to help you find your way to more joy, love, and purpose in your life, work and relationships.

My Psychologist Credentials

I received my PhD in 2006 from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, where I learned whole person approaches to helping patients. This field not only focuses on treating emotional pain, but also in helping clients achieve optimum ways of being.

I am licensed by the state of California as a Psychologist. I was previously a Licensed Psychological Examiner in the state of Arkansas, where I worked in a thriving mental health practice serving children, adults, and couples.

I completed a post doc fellowship at The Institute on Aging in San Francisco. In addition to my private counseling practice where I serve those affected by "Silicon Valley Stress" and its affects, I am also owner of a growing company, LivWell Psychology Services, that provides onsite mental health services to long term care settings around the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.

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