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Grays Harbor Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) provides assistance for adults age 18 and older who are struggling with opioid addiction in Aberdeen, Washington. Programs offered at Grays Harbor CTC include medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines the use of prescription medications with group and individual counseling. Medications used in our MAT program include methadone, Suboxone, and buprenorphine.
The mission of Grays Harbor CTC is to empower clients with the tools to overcome opioid addiction. Behavioral health staff at our outpatient addiction treatment center works to create a warm, encouraging environment so that clients feel seen, supported, and motivated to succeed. Through every step of the treatment process, clients are given the tools and education to advocate for themselves. Client input is valued and encouraged. We strive to provide clients with the training that will enable them to maintain recovery and a healthy lifestyle once treatment is complete.
At Grays Harbor CTC, we believe that client empowerment is best achieved through individualized care. Effective treatment needs to identify and acknowledge the specific circumstances in an individual's life that have led to opioid addiction. Our individual counselors provide clients with a confidential environment to address personal challenges like unresolved trauma, mental health, and family relationships. Our counselors provide advice and feedback, track recovery progress, and help clients set and meet personal goals.
Group counseling at Grays Harbor CTC serves as a model for building supportive relationships with others in recovery. Having a community of peers is a powerful tool for long-term recovery maintenance. Group therapy sessions at Grays Harbor CTC teach communication and conflict resolution skills. Clients share their stories and hear about their peers’ experiences with addiction and recovery. Group therapy is an effective way of helping clients build self-esteem and overcome the guilt and shame that often accompany addiction. As our counseling services assist a client in creating a foundation in recovery, medication provides stability and relief.
The medications used in MAT are clinically proven to reduce withdrawal symptoms, alleviate cravings, and stabilize brain chemistry. MAT is the leading method of opioid addiction treatment because it helps clients put an end to opioid use and focus fully on healing and moving forward. Opioid addiction has the power to destroy lives. At Grays Harbor CTC, we give clients a second chance at good health and healing. With the right tools, every individual can be empowered to overcome opioid addiction.

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