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Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people who are struggling with opioid use disorder. Our premier outpatient addiction treatment center is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and serves adults age 18 and older.
Opioid addiction is difficult to overcome without professional support. Abusing opioids can lead to physical and psychological dependence, negatively impacting all areas of a person’s life. Yet many people have responsibilities that make receiving inpatient care impossible, which can prevent them from seeking treatment. Comprehensive care at Green Bay CTC makes effective opioid addiction treatment accessible and convenient.
Medication-assisted treatment combines the use of prescription medications with counseling services. The medications used in MAT can provide clients with several benefits, including relief from withdrawal symptoms and a reduction in opioid cravings. Research into MAT shows such an increase in treatment success rates that it has become the opioid addiction treatment method recommended by leading organizations like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Organization (SAMHSA).
The staff Green Bay CTC is able to prescribe multiple medications, including methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, and Suboxone. The specific medication that a client is prescribed is based on the results of a thorough assessment they complete prior to being admitted into our program.
In addition to taking medication, an important aspect of MAT is incorporating counseling into the treatment process. We believe this is an essential part of helping people recover from opioid addiction. Every individual's journey is unique, but people often develop addictions to opioids due to a combination of mental and emotional health factors, poor coping skills, dysfunctional family dynamics, and unhealthy environmental factors. Our counseling programs help clients identify and address these concerns in their own lives in order to heal and reduce the likelihood of relapse.
The compassionate team at Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center strives to put clients at ease throughout the treatment process. We understand that the choice to seek help for addiction can be a difficult one. People may feel uncertainty or apprehension, and guilt and shame are also common feelings surrounding addiction. By creating a warm and encouraging environment, we hope to provide every client with the understanding and support they need to achieve lasting recovery from opioid addiction.

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