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I am a graduate of Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University. I have been a psychologist in private practice in Scottsdale since 1982. I specialize in Couples Therapy, Men’s Issues and Intensive individual and couple counseling. I lead two mens' groups weekly as a vehicle to train men to be the husbands and fathers they would like to be. I also regularly treat trauma, depression, and anxiety.
I am the co-author, with Dr. Ralph Earle, of the book Lonely All the Time; for sex addicts and their spouses. I counsel many couples in communication skills and have done many couples’ workshops on communication and conflict resolution skills in Arizona and, for over 20 years, at Barnabas Family Ministries in British Columbia. My wife Gail and I have been married 45 years. We have three children and four grandchildren and are members of Scottsdale Bible Church.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: utilizing newer methods including Brainspotting (see my website) to stimulate, support and process painful experiences that can cause anxiety, depression, anger, need to medicate, need to control others and or pain and illness. 

COUPLE THERAPY: utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy and communication skills for Couples to soften hearts and restore empathy, allowing the couple to break harmful cycles and deeply reconnect.

SEX ADDICTION AND FIDELITY PROGRAM: highly specialized for both the partner crossing these boundaries and for the partner who has been betrayed and violated; involves 1:1, Group and Couple therapy. Dr. Crow has specialized in this area since 1985 and runs two weekly groups for men who desire to restore their integrity and their relationships.

STRESS AND ANXIETY MANAGEMENT: utilizing relaxation techniques, including Brainspotting (go to, Arizona Brainspotting Center for more information) to reduce the felt-sense of distress and as well as process distress and optimize brain function. The combination of releasing the pain and distress we hold inside (often without realizing it) and training our brains to respond in optimal ways to our relationships and environments, along with body awareness and relaxation techniques is more powerful than using just one of these tools alone.

FAST TRACK INTENSIVE THERAPY-Intensive individual and couple therapy for clients who desire/need deeper emotional recovery from painful experiences. Eight day customized intensives involve four or more hours of therapy each day done by myself and another therapist chosen specifically to meet the needs of the individual or couple. Experience with these intensives, since 1998, has shown that clients benefit tremendously by being able to "roll up their sleeves" and get to work this way on changing their lives for the better.

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