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              You will be supported and validated by a listening ear and an intuitive heart as we journey through the pain and struggles that have brought you to counselling. People of all walks of life who are dealing with various struggles are welcome. The connection between the therapist and the client is key to therapy. Individual counselling to adults aged 20 - 100+ is offered. My practice is open to all genders. I embrace working with all cultures and religions, hoping to provide an experience that will benefit you.         I have lots of experience with stress, life adjustment issues, family of origin issues, addictions, substance misuse and trauma. I provide empathy and a safe place where you can process your story in a non judgmental environment.

       During Covid we all want to be safe. Online therapy allows you to save money on gas, to be in the comfort of your home, and allows flexibility in your schedule.

Benefits of counseling with me

          There are many benefits to seeing me. One factor is that I come with personal experience of doing my own work in therapy. I believe this helps me to understand and give empathy at a deeper level. Secondly, I have worked with people since 1991 in a variety of roles which I believe gives me the benefit of being aware of and understanding many issues: from workplace burn out to family issues to addictions to abuse to career development. Lastly, I have 3 degrees and a diploma which have enhanced my skills and knowledge to help navigate people through the therapeutic process.

        The therories I use in my practice include Person Centred Counselling, Narrative Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy

       I believe we all have the power to change and grow. When we examine our lives, we can see how we are unique but also very similar to others (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016). In counselling, we can examine one’s uniqueness so we can feel uniquely special yet with similarities which help us as humans see how we are not alone. We are social beings who crave human interaction, which can assist us in our development and growth. People are actively seeking out how to be inspired to be the ideal person or to achieve a goal.

        Let’s connect and work together with your life story helping you to gain more peace, a safe place, enhanced skills and an opportunity to receive the care you want and need.

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