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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 2901 Moorpark Ave. STE 270, San Jose, California, 95128
  • Phone: (650) 517-3627
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  • Session Fees: $220
  • www.yourtherapynook.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

I am a child therapist that specializes in helping children and teen with anxiety and trauma heal and thrive. If your child struggles with anxiety, shutting down, or tantrums, I get it. I understand how parenting children with anxiety is draining, and tiring. You want to help your child but you feel like you don’t have the proper tools or support. Here, I can help your child heal and grow through the power of play.

As a Play Therapist, I use a child-centered approach that allows children to express themselves in their own unique way, using the language of play. Through the power of play, children can explore their feelings, develop problem-solving skills, and build emotional resilience in a safe and supportive environment. I also provide additional parenting support by inviting you as the parent to participate in your child's growth and healing by offering parenting skills, coaching, and parent-counseling integration.
 Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or trauma, I'm here to help them overcome their challenges and reach their full potential. My goal is to create a warm, compassionate, and supportive space for your child to explore, grow, and heal. I believe that every child has the capacity to thrive, and I'm committed to helping them unlock their full potential. Learn more about what I do by contacting me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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